10 Things an IIM/MBA Aspirant Must Do

10 Things an IIM Aspirant Must Do

10 Things an IIM/MBA Aspirant Must Do

It goes without saying that the popularity of an MBA as a preferred post-graduate degree is unprecedented, with an increasing number of students slogging it out and taking numerous exams in the hope of enrolling in an elite B-school and landing a lucrative job.

If you are one of the fortunate individuals about to begin an MBA programme, we have some advice for you. Take a five-minute break and read this. Remember that an MBA is useless if you don’t make the most of it. Don’t, on the other hand, let the course dictate your life.

To assist you, here are some of the tips from IIM-Ahmedabad alumni who discusses some key points that every IIM/MBA aspirant should remember so that they don’t have any regrets later. We have divided his ten tips into two sections: before and during the MBA.

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Things to Consider Before Pursuing an MBA

  1. Have a realistic perspective on the current job situation:

The present is not the best time to pursue an MBA. Thousands of us have already flooded the market. Furthermore, the Euro crisis is still lingering, and the investment bank scenario, in particular, does not look promising.

Growth remains slow. i-Banks are not currently hiring. And even if the entire economic downturn vanished (say, by magic), they would still exist. The reason for this is that they over-hired during the boom and just before the bust.

  1. Keep expectations in check:

It’s just another diploma. Yes, they do teach you a lot in two years, but that’s all. The course is not magical in any way. It’s just that the MBA degree is currently popular, so you’ll reap the perceived benefits of it. But don’t expect the course to turn you into a perfect manager or a slick entrepreneur.

  1. Never compare:

You know, the ones that your family and relatives sneeze in once a year? The one where a bunch of young, clueless people are glorified for having a 2 crore package? It’s all nonsense. Nobody gets a two-crore package. In India, the highest salary is Rs 40-45 lakh per year. And this is for i-Banks that are not currently hiring. Anything else would be capped at Rs 30 lakh per year. The top 5% of the batch would also benefit from this. International salaries appear to be quite high in absolute terms, but remember to take the PPP index into account for a more realistic picture.

  1. Be prepared to work hard:

The MBA will be far more demanding than your undergraduate studies. This is true regardless of the college. So, prepare for sleepless nights, multiple deadlines at once, a few failures, and stressful times. There will also be many people who are far more intelligent and hardworking than you. So, brace yourself for some stiff competition.

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  1. If you have the time, work on your resume:

Admission is only the first step. After that, there’s a trilogy: summer placements, final placements, and finally long-term job satisfaction. To maximize your chances of landing your dream job, you will need a stellar CV for the first two. So, make the most of the time that you have now as time is precious so use it wisely. Improve your resume. Begin learning about economics and finance. On the internet, there are literally thousands of resources – free e-books, blogs, courses, and certifications.

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Things to remember while studying for your MBA

  1. Academics:

Make the most of these two years. Attend all classes. Read as much as you can. Work smart. Exams do not provide an accurate assessment of ability and intelligence. However, they are the norm, and you must accept them. So play the system. Examine the papers from previous years. Know the most important and frequently asked questions. Investigate the types of questions that are asked in various subjects – case studies, MCQs, theory, and calculation-intensive questions. Adjust your preparation strategy as needed.

  1. Extracurricular activities:

Make sure your resume is well-rounded. Participate in case study competitions, B-plans, and paper presentations. The exposure will be a very intense learning experience. We think that IIM/MBA aspirant only focus on academics but other extracurriculars also play a vital role in your success as an IIM/MBA aspirant or student. So also focus on other activities with your academics as it will be helpful in building your resume.

  1. Clubs:

Apply the golden rule: Participate in three clubs: one to assist you with placements, one to match your interests and help you hone your skills, and one for fun. Don’t overburden yourself. Understand when to say “no” and when to walk away. People frequently take on more responsibilities than they are capable of handling. Do not attempt it.

  1. Having a good time:

As with everything else, don’t let one aspect of your life dominate the others. Hang out with friends, get drunk, go on spontaneous outings, and say yes to that late-night movie even if you’re exhausted. Friendship is always beneficial. Make sure you have enough for more than two years.

  1. The dreaded social media platform:

It’s fine to have an outdated LinkedIn profile or a Facebook feed full of stupid things teens do when you’re a student. However, recruiters now actively search potential candidates’ social media profiles. So, especially before placements, clean up your act. Don’t let something as insignificant as a bad website ruin your chances.

As a IIM/MBA aspirant you must follow these advice which will be good for your career. We are sure that you will achieve great success by following these. Hoping to see you on the TOP!


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