5 Things Freshers must do before MBA ft. Tarun Anand, (Ex MD & CEO Thomson Reuters, UBS Mumbai)

5 Things Freshers must do before MBA ft. Tarun Anand, (Ex MD & CEO Thomson Reuters, UBS Mumbai)

In this video the alumni of SP Jain, Mumbai Mr. Tarun Anand gives a description of what an ideal MBA fresher should do in their stint at their b-school for best outcome and make most of this opportunity.

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We live in a world of acceleration and change. So in this age of upheaval, entering into business require building of fast and big organizations with disciplined yet empowering institutions. Organizations that are functionally oxymoron i.e. efficient yet entrepreneurial, Bold yet prudent etc. Here are top 3 things to do for making the most out of your corporate journey beginning from your b-school:

  1. Take Risks. Try and be bold to take risks in your life. Take that leap of faith and zoom to the top. This will build your risk muscle, you need to do more mistakes by taking more risks and fail often for failure builds amazing risk muscle. Success is not for playing safe but playing to win, winning those tough times that comes in the way. Change your perspective of tough times by saying “I am having fun.” And you will witness magic happening. With every failure ask yourself what did you learn and how could you do it better/differently.
  2. Think long and Think big. Very commonly we tend to look at our next position when planning for upheaval, this shows how limited our vision is. We need to think long and think big and then go backwards in order to plan or develop the curiosity and hunger to learn, excel, perform your goal. So think a long game, go backwards ad then ACT.
  3. Pitches win Matches. It is a required skill to develop an amazing pitch for yourself. Your career is a function of how you create magic. How to rate magic in career? It is done by working with amazing people around you, your peers, mentors, personalities etc. And how will they work with you is when you develop a killer pitch for yourself that pays you great opportunities.

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