New IIMs, Baby IIMs worth it?

New IIMs, Baby IIMs worth it?

There are information overload regarding admission in IIMs but aspirants don’t even know about which IIMs are baby and which are new IIMs. There are 3 kinds of IIMs in terms of their establishment date.

Old IIMs- BLACKI i.e. Bangalore, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Kozhikode, Indore.

New IIMs- Those that are established before 2015.

Baby IIMs- Those that got established after 2015.

Here is a chart that explains briefly:

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Cut offs of IIMs:


Application Process of all new IIMs-

  1. There is single CAP round done for all the 9 new IIMs and once you are done, then only further procedure gets started.
  2. RANV- Rohtak, Amritsar, Nagpur, Vizag. Application forms for these IIMs should be filled separately for them to consider you in selection procedure according to your CAT percentile.

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Here are some snippets for all the new IIMs for reference, for detailed information refer the YouTube video attached:

  1. IIM Bodh Gaya
  1. IIM Jammu
  1. IIM Kashipur
  1. IIM Raipur
  1. IIM Ranchi
  1. IIM Tiruchirappalli
  1. IIM Nagpur
  1. IIM Rohtak
  1. IIM Udaipur
  1. IIM Sambalpur
  1. IIM Sirmaur
  1. IIM Vishakhapatnam
  1. IIM Amritsar


Now the real questions how to consider new IIMs over IMT, MDI, MU, Great Lakes etc.

  • IIM tag is a IIM tag. Ask where you want to go.
  • The increment in placements of the following colleges with go high.
  • You can consider your short term benefit of considering established universities over New IIMs where you get well established campus etc.
  • Long term benefits will be the IIM tag that will help in building communities then choose new IIMs.
  • In case of confusion and stress, reach out to alumni, dean, directors of the college you’re interested and then take the required information.
  • Consider the brand and companies or organizations that are hiring and the job roles they are offering.
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