About MBA in Different Fields

About MBA in Different Fields


In this article we are talking about the branches that could come under Marketing stream of MBA. So there are many of them but Martech i.e. Marketing+ Technology and Digital Marketing are the major players. These are most relevant, new and prospering branches currently. Dr. Barve from MET was kind enough to give us a seminar on this.

How has Marketing evolved with Digital trends:

So till 2018 everything was non-digital and covid now has made it grow exponentially. To cope with such dynamics one must get hands on knowledge of tool based learning, about different tools like Oracle, UI/UX design, AWS. Along with this, another very user-friendly and equally important tool that runs in the industry is Analytics. This is very important. It is most likely that now platforms share an objective on User Interface and User experience so every platform enhances these. All meetings in the future would happen on Tableau.

What is expected from MBA candidates nowadays:

These are the check points MBA graduates have to maintain if they want a successful career in Marketing: –

  1. Only thing matters is how smart, accurate and fast you are. Also, how well you adjust with the changing environment.
  2. Adaptability is a parameter here as everything changes in 5years so everything being this volatile, companies demand for versatile, committed employees.
  3. Soft Skills.

The key understanding here is to not to get into herd behavior. Be yourself and find your purpose.  Keep in mind no matter where you are, performance hike is always in your hands so before making any commitment to yourself, know that everyone wants highest package so you need to be clear if you are willing to do the work, take that pressure and motivate others because High CTC also means bigger roles in the corporate. Ponder mindfully and only then proceed.

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MBA IN FINANCE (ft. Vijay, Associate Partner KPMG, Academy Master Camp)

Vijay sir enlightened us with his two cents on Finance. This topic is a nightmare for many students specially Engineers so we decided to take up a seminar on the same with the expert himself, Mr. Vijay. Below are some key highlights to be enjoyed thoroughly.

  1. Communication Skills. Focus on soft skills i.e. Structured thinking fashion, Negotiation, Teamwork etc. You should be able to influence your point of view. Most students think investment banking is all about number crunching and hard-core finance but a huge chunk of it is soft skills too as it is all about Sales, Communication, Negotiation & IPO too so enhance it. There are variety of ways to expose yourself to such skills.
  2. Analytical Skills. This field involves a lot of data handling so being comfortable with lots of Data you need to Visualize it. You need to tell a story with that Data and make sense out of it. Share it in one slide possible in platforms like Big Data, AI etc. Start with Basics.
  3. Bridge between Theory and Practical Learning. This is a requirement and not a process. Since, different companies have specific processes and develop new standards. There are several ways to do so like Interact with Companies, Assign yourself to Internships, Job websites, Research skills etc they are asking or using at the moment.


  • Constantly keep Learning.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you do not get into your dream college or job.
  • Every job will teach you something.
  • You will figure out where you want to be in sometime.

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MBA IN ENTERPRENEURSHIP (ft. Sanjay, Chairman of JAGSOM, alumni of BITS Pilani): –



Here in the discussion panel we welcomed Mr. Sanjay, Chairman of JAGSOM and alumni of BITS Pilani.

He has stated very crisp yet nourishing 3 must do things of one is considering entering into Entrepreneurship at any given point in their life so we at CATKing brought the candidates to learn from the best. These are the 3 gems he shared with us:

  1. Don’t put a value target to what you are going to sell. So here the key takeaway is that Entrepreneurs are not for Investors, they only facilitate the entrepreneur’s objectives. Investors will never be keen in driving your business. Entrepreneurs gives money to the investors as returns.

Always measure the Impact and not money as your driving force. Focus on the lives you have touched and amount of people you are impacting. E.g. Swiggy, Zomato. These companies make money by touching lives and making impact by delivery. So their evaluation parameter is this. If you use money model for evaluation, then you will end up in negative levels.

  1. Be passionate about what you want to do. It should touch you first or else you are nothing more than just business. Creating solutions out of problems is ideal business.

There are 2 risks involved here-

  • New thing with no precedence, hence, high risk of failure.
  • Risk of Business. It is all about Passion and Courage.
  1. Take Risks. Now is the perfect time for stepping into Entrepreneurship because people now believe in this and with these many mentors available, there is opportunity to actually play on your front foot and hit those sixes. Do it to make it happen, if you won’t do it then you will never know what entrepreneurship is all about.


Be mindful of your MBA. Ponder upon how to take forward MBA in your life and search your purpose. We need to think what will we contribute to the society and this is the actual seed for Entrepreneurship.

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