MICA-Advertising Management and Public Relations – [online]

MICA-Advertising Management and Public Relations – [online]

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Advertising Management and Public Relations (PGCPAMPR) – Online at Mica Ahmedabad

Are you ready to…?

  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Decide if new products and services will sell well
  • Plan campaigns
  • Put company goals before creative freedom
  • Use a variety of communication tools

 If  you are ready to do the above things then this  course at Mica Ahmedabad is just the right thing for you..!!!

What is this programme all about ?

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This blog is about the online courses offered at Mica Ahmedabad

This course at Mica Ahmedabad  aims at skill as well as perspective building for Junior and Middle level executives in the domain of Advertising Management. It seeks to deliver skills for managing advertising businesses, by combining theoretical learning in the field of communication with the right blend of management education.

Who can do it ?

There’s a game plan behind every product that is sold — even if that product is a person. Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers are the brains behind those strategies.

Marketing managers draw on market research to target the right audience; advertising managers are in charge of creating and placing ads; and public relations managers use subtler methods to get the word out. Of course, the roles of these professionals overlap, and their goal is the same: to earn bigger profits. With tools such as advertisements, brochures, and websites, they can make the difference between a success and a flop.

Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers use market research and employ various strategies to develop, promote, and sell their clients’ products and services .

The programme at Mica Ahmedabad  is intended for those who want to work in advertising, public relations, direct marketing or marketing promotion public relations, marketing, marketing research, advertising agencies, businesses, offices, non-governmental organizations.

                                                              Fees of this programme-:

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This blog is about the online courses offered at Mica Ahmedabad .

Application Fee : Rs. 2,000/-

Programme Fee :

Course Fee : Rs. 1,10,000/- (Excluding Service Tax)
Campus Visit Fee : Rs. 15,000/- (Excluding Service Tax)

DD for the application fee, Programme fee and registration fee should be drawn in favour of ‘Ivory Education Pvt Ltd’ payable at New Delhi.

DD for the campus fee will be in favour of ‘MICA’ payable at Ahmedabad .

Dates of campus visit will be announced in February 2017.



Date of Payment of Fees:

Down payment: Rs.45,000/- within 7 days of selection or 31st July 2016, whichever is earlier
1st Installment: Rs.35,000/- on 15th September 2016
2nd Installment: Rs.30,000/- on 15th November 2016
3rd Installment: Rs.25,000/- on 15th January 2017

Total: Rs. 1,35,000/-

Installments do not include campus fees. Campus fees are mandatory and payable directly to MICA.

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