Bring out the MICA Passion in YOU !

Bring out the MICA Passion in YOU !

Part 1: Writing (35 minutes)

First of all, DON’T TAKE THIS SECTION FOR GRANTED. This is One True Reflection of Your Language, Creative and Interpretation Skills.

In these, two types of questions are always asked.

(1) You are provided with a statement, A Thought Provoking Statement. You have to write for OR against and an article with lurking heaving on only one instant (either to or against, not both otherwise be ready for zero marks in it).

Best time limit (15 – 20 min.)

Before rushing directly into writing I rather suggest to collect some thoughts and then weave it into the structure. Don’t go into BANAL details. Write only TO THE POINT. The main hurdle in this section is to maintain the time limit. So with the proper practice of 8-10 topics, gain some momentum and rock the world.


  1. 3 Minutes on brainstorming in your head
  2. Jot down KEY Points – and pen down the structure

The topics of the essay of the past 4 years are as follows:

Year Topics
MICAT 2014 It is ethical to sell fairness creams
MICAT 2013 Facebook is leading today’s youth astray
MICAT 2012 Larger states should be divided into smaller states
MICAT 2011 Trial by Media


(2) You would be given a picture or a set of visual pictures to draw a story on it. Remember one thing in storytelling don’t try to drag those pictures in the story but actually make use of all visual to get a beautiful message or cover any aspect of life from it.

Time to beat: 10-15 Minute (it is smoothly achievable if practice and exercise your mind beforehand).

Practice: Check Out Stories by students and reviews by MICAT Toppers: Read Creative Stories

Part 2: MICAT Objectives: 

Due to its length people consider this paper as a monster, but being honest this is the most chilled paper they ever saw in life. It’s like beer. To ease it out this is further ramified into sub-sections.

1. Psychometric test: Psychometric test as the name suggests is all to reveal your true self or best fit for the type of curriculum there. It gives you situations, instances and realistic scenarios whose answer will check how consistent you are in your thinking. It should not get contradictory answers from you. Your thinking or rather approach to a problem is all that matters. There is nothing perfectly wrong or right in these answers but they try to judge the best fit and honestly, most important consistency.

This section is compulsory to attempt and there is no negative marking since there can be any right or wrong answer. There were 3 types of questions.

  • The first set had a set of 30 statements out of which the candidates had to pick 10 statements best describing their personality.
  • In the second set of questions, the candidates had to choose from a set of 2 arguments and rate them according to their personality.
  • The third set of questions one had to rank various responses under given circumstances on a scale of 1 to 6 where 1 implies the highest priority and 6 imply the least priority.

2. Quant: Not difficult just focus on core Topics

  • Arithmetic
  • Modern Maths
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Data Interpretation (Tables)
  • Analytical Reasoning Sets

3. Word Association: The best place for this is Vitamin MICA. Previous 3 years Vitamin MICA data is posted and shared on this Group: Join Group

Download 3 Years Vitamin Mica Questions: MICA Word Association

4. Visual Reasoning: Not too brain racking. Stay Glued with us for a download of Visual Reasoning Questions. CATKing Students can get these in their Sectional Tests as well.

5. Verbal: The Verbal Ability section is a mix of Reading Comprehension and English Usage. English Usage topics mostly repeated are:

  • Sentence completion
  • Proposition (Fact Inference & Judgment)
  • Statement Conclusion
  • Statement Assumption
  • Grammar & Semantics

And trust me this won’t be a hurdle or I would say the most scoring section of the entire paper.

6. GK: People would say here comes devil: No! MICA always asks most refreshing GK from all perspectives of life.


Most Repeated Questions:

(i) Popular awards (Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, etc. not Filmfare and Stardust)

(ii) Most popular books and their authors (Like Man Booker Prize, Pulitzer, Indian winners, Recently released books on celebs or popular once, famous authors and their books)

(iii) Popular Ad Campaigns, Brand Taglines.

(iv) Current Affairs – 6 months

(vi) The noble prize, Ramon Magsaysay, Bharat Ratna, etc.

Get the best GK Downlow at:

GK Prepathon

Last, not the least: Key to SUCCESS in MICA: – PASSION, you should have a passion like a fire inside you. 99% things in MICA for admission are admitted just only of craziness for being at MICA

Easy things are easy if crazy for them, but they are not easy if lazy for them. Be Insanely different !!

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