Career After MBA

Career After MBA

Before deciding if MBA is the right choice for you; first ponder upon the thought first. The high paced life with money made placements offered isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not everybody manages to sweep through effortlessly at the top. You require a lot of determination and the passion to set a high goal and achieve it. Nevertheless the importance of the right guidance can’t be undermined. Learn more on how to crack CAT with CAT Toppers. 

There are many reasons for doing an MBA; however the focus always goes on high paychecks. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why are these packages offered. 

Bigger & Better responsibilities: MBA is not only about the big money, it is also about bigger responsibilities as well. The corporate world pays high packages to MBAs since they are able to drive bigger processes and eventually increase the profits of the company.

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Intrapreneur Skills: No this is not entrepreneurship spelt wrong. This is intrapreneurship, is when an employee independently runs an entire unit and does not have to follow the corporation’s usual protocols. Though not the owner or founder, the person is fully responsible for the unit’s performance. One advantage about Intrapreneurship is that they get a complete financial backup from the company.


Entrepreneurship: This is also one of the advantages of doing an MBA, your network becomes so strong that it helps you successfully run any business idea. Before an MBA ideas are dime a donzen; not everyone is able to execute them successfully.

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Able to drive profits: That is also one of the reasons to hire MBAs at higher packages. They have the ability to drive profits for company.

Top jobs post MBA. 

Here are some of the starting job designations you can aim for post your MBA.

Project Manager:

The career of a Project Manager is profitable job possibility that associate degree MBA degree holder will contemplate. The chief job duties and responsibilities of a personnel employed at this position is to handle and manage everything associated with a Project task that has been appointed to him/her.

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Marketing Manager:

A promoting Manager incorporates a heap of opportunities to supply to the MBA degree holders in promoting. The chief job duties and responsibilities is to plot, implement, administer and measure all the promoting connected tasks of a company.

Business Development Manager:

The chief job duties and responsibilities is to plot ways for the business development of a company. This role has great remunneration opportunities as there is a good amount of variable incentives attached to it too.

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Business Analyst:

The chief job duties and responsibilities of a personnel employed at this position is to investigate the business ways of a company and provides their skilled recommendation on identical matter.


MBAs are really eyeing this role; however not everyone gets it. The chief job duties and responsibilities of a personnel employed at this position is to speak to clients and suggest the best solution. This looks easy but more often than not is a complicated process; as dealing with clients is not easy and you need have complete knowledge of all the processes.

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Human Resource Manager:

One of the most effective careers that you just will contemplate once attaining associate degree MBA degree is that of an individual\’s Resource Manager. The chief job duties and responsibilities of a personnel employed at this position is to assist within the choice, coaching and overall management of the staff in an exceedingly company.

Human Resource Generalist:

Candidates with associate degree MBA degree can even explore the choice of an individual\’s Resource student. The chief job duties and responsibilities of a personnel employed at the position of an individual’s Resource student is to handle some general Human Resource tasks.


An MBA enhances your ability to be associate degree businessperson. Be a recent graduate or associate degree practised skilled, selecting your career becomes straightforward with associate degree MBA in your kitty.

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From where you should pursue your MBA

It is not just important to do an MBA but, to do it from the right college; this matters a lot since, this is the last degree you are to earn, having done from a good college gives you a very good network and a much needed start for a very good career.

Here are somc of the top insitutes for MBA in India: 

Institute Intake Fees (In Lakh) Average Salary Exam
IIM – Ahmedabad 380 15.5 17.85 CAT
IIM – Bangalore 350 15 19.50 CAT
IIM – Calcutta 450 13.5 17.60 CAT
SP Jain – Mumbai 180 9.5 15.38 CAT
IIM – Indore 450 13 14.06 CAT
IIM – Lucknow 356 10.8 12.5 CAT
JBIMS – Mumbai 120 2 17.2 CAT
XLRI – Jamshedpur 240 12.5 16.58 XAT
IIFT – Delhi 280 7 12.1 CAT
FMS – Delhi 225 1 16.34 CAT
MICA – Ahmedabad 200 10 11.50 CAT / XAT / MiCAT
NMIMS 160 12 13 NMAT
NITIE 206 6.1 12.97 CAT
SCMHRD – Pune 240 12.1 10.49 SNAP
SIBM – Pune 180 15.5 11.16 SNAP
TISS – Mumbai 60 1.6 11.3 TISSNET
MDI – Gurgoan 240 15.5 14.28 CAT


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