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CAT 2022 Preparation - Q&A, Books & Mocks
October 15 2023
CAT 2022 Preparation Planner Now that FMS calls are out and our CATKing family managed to get 91+ calls, all the aspirants must buck up! This is a reminder FMS is not a far-fetched dream. Remember, colleges not only look into academics but there’s a considerate weightage for Profile also. Today, we shall brief the planner for CAT Preparation to MBA entering journey in these 2 parts. Stay glued and we shall give bonus tips in the end. https://youtu.be/5DbhszMaIis CAT online courses   Recipe to ACE CAT Preparation 2022:-
  • Have clarity of thought- This is the most crucial step when you start the preparation as one needs to decide how they are acing by keeping a Warrior’s Mindset. For this you need to make your mind that you have to study hard and target 99 percentile in CAT 2022. Now understand it is all in the mind, if you think it is easy then it is easy and if you think it’s difficult then it has to be difficult. Live through the Process.
  • Fix your environment and gather necessary resources- Surround yourself with dedicated students and protect your focus by not getting distracted by any means. Gather atleast 3 students who are good at each section and discuss topics with them.
  • Do not get overwhelmed- Remember as per official statistics out of 2.35lacs aspirants 40,000 students do not appear for CAT exam every year. Be well read and improve communication skills. You can refer to AEON essays daily for the same. Lastly, Make a planner with small term goals like:
  • Target completing whole syllabus in 2months by taking one section per week.
  • Pick a single section and take it to the moon. Be consistent in this approach.
  • Target should be 50% marks in QA, 30% in VARC, 50% in LRDI.
  • After 2months, give 1 mock every week preferably Saturday. Target should be total of 20 mocks must be given by every student.
  • Start your preparation ASAP.
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  • Profile building consists of Academics, Co-curricular activities and Extra-curricular activities.
  • Take up best certification platforms like Engage7x.
  • Try taking certifications based on your interest, hobby, welfare service communities etc. where active learning is involved.
  • You do not need to focus on doing extraordinary extra-curricular activities which compromises on your preparation, though basic activities like trekking, workout, gym, creativity, art etc. can also be mentioned. The panellists only wants to observe individual’s learning ability through these.
  • National recognitions are definitely to be mentioned if any.
Get mentored by experts   BONUS TIP:   The Secret Sauce to get 100 percentile in CAT 2022:-
  • Build your Focus and maintain it throughout. You can take rest but stop only when you’re done.
  • In first 2months: Sort your BASICS. Give 2hours minimum every day to study and finish CATKing Bible LOD 1.
  • After 2months give CAT 2021 Actual Paper. This will give direction to your preparation.
  • In the 3rd month, give minimum 5 CATKing real cat mocks 2022. Build a scavenger mindset here while taking the mock i.e. hunt for easy questions in each section and focus on bagging and retaining 33% marks (atleast 8 questions out of 24 in each section.). Being Consistent is the Key.
  • In 4th-5th month, Revise everything and focus on taking as much mocks as possible but this time, with the analysis. Analysing each mock is the most crucial step at this time. This makes or breaks the preparation and hence, must not be taken lightly. Take the mock every week on Saturday (preferably) and Sunday shall be the Analysis.
  • Last 6th month, this is the time when each aspirant must stress only upon !! For this, one must embark your strengths and sharpen it. Take up the section you are good at and take it to the moon and maintain it. In the exam you must kill one section atleast to scale up your scores.
  • Last but not the least, BE CONSISTENT.
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