CAT exam- Topper’s Mock taking Strategy

CAT exam- Topper’s Mock taking Strategy

CAT exam- Topper’s Mock taking Strategy

When to start Giving Mocks

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The staple dilemma of every CAT aspirant is when to give mocks? OR Is my preparation enough? And the most frequent one- Should we give mocks or should we complete the syllabus first? Well, here is a one-stop solution to all your dilemmas and queries regarding your preparation coming from a CAT topper himself along with some game-changer tips!

  • Correct time to start taking mocks. Well, here’s a thing about the mock-taking process, whenever you are going to start taking mocks it is going to be too late. Solution? Start taking mocks NOW without thinking much.
  • You will get demotivated every time. As there will be people overperforming your own results so getting demotivated is as much expected and natural. Solution- Be consistent and make your mind just stay in the game. Just do the work and don’t think much about the results, you will get through anyhow.
  • Syllabus completion is not the Game itself. Yes, you heard it right. If you got rigid in the syllabus completion only, then you are bound to get stagnant. Instead, it is advisable to focus on your mocks & keep analyzing them as well. Your main emphasis should be on Consolidation and Analysis.
  • Maintain Accuracy. Especially in Quantitative Ability. The strategy of leaving questions is more important than attempting everything in the actual exam paper.
  • Attend all the mock sessions & consolidate before taking any mocks. Every mock has the same level of difficulty as the real CAT exam paper so Don’t go with the mentality that you got demotivated or too lagged behind. What actually matters is how you analyze the mocks and how you are getting back to those questions.

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