CAT Notification 2022- Ask Me Anything Session

CAT Notification 2022- Ask Me Anything Session

CAT Notification 2022 – Ask Me Anything Session

The expected CAT  notification 2022 will arrive in the last week of August. It will contain form fees

(INR 1100- SC/ST, INR 2200- Gen), Date of the exam announcement, Duration of the exam. The official CAT Mock paper will be released after some days. In October, they will announce how many questions there will be in the CAT paper, the Number of slots & timings of each slot. Usually, there are 3 slots all happening on the same day.

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History of CAT Exam pattern

2005, 2006, 2007 (75 questions)

2008- 2013 (60 questions)

2014- 2019 (76 questions)

2020- (76 questions)

2021- (66 questions)

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Introduction- Overview of the Session

This session will be divided into 3 parts for a better grip on understanding the matter. The

1st part- AMA about the profile, Brief summary about the profile.

2nd part- About Quants, LRDI, VARC sections.

3rd part- Secret sauce to analyze mocks.


Q: How to Join CATKing?

Ans- There are 2 courses highly recommended by previous CATKing toppers currently sitting in top IIMs of the world:


8 months of CAT preparation mainly from April to November. CAT and non-cat preparation from April to next year April.
Expenditure: 10,000 INR for CAT forms + 20,000 INR coaching fees. Altogether, 30,000 INR. 25,000 INR for CAT and NON-CAT forms + 25,000 for coaching. Altogether, 50,000 INR.
After November, we have Jan, Feb, March for GDPI, WAT and PI calls converting process. Oct- NMAT

Nov- CAT



Feb- MICAT2, SNAP 2.

March to April- GDPI, WAT PI, CDPI calls and converting process.


June- end of entrance Preparation and beginning of actual MBA journey. June- end of entrance Preparation and beginning of actual MBA journey.

 CAT Online courses and mocks


Q: CAT preparation along with the job is hectic

Ans- Yes, you can absolutely prepare for the CAT exam along with your Job provided you have the fuel to work for extra hours. A recommendation would be to not leave your existing job suddenly but the calculated risk would be better, plan through it. If you are about to join your new job, join only if no bond is attached. Now the question arises, how to calculate? So, for this, understand that if you are getting 30% marks in CAT mocks & you can envision yourself in the 90 %ile bracket, then take leave for a month or so & aim for 95-97 %ile. Also, if taking a gap is feasible then do so. See how far you can fly & take responsibility for your decision.


Q: Summary of Profile

Ans- Factors considered in Profile building

  • Academics- This includes your marks in 10th, 12th & under graduation level. Improve this whenever you can.
  • Co-curricular– This will have weightage after your exam qualification.
  • Extra-Curricular– This will have weightage after your competitive exam qualification & includes activities done apart from your college or school curriculum.
  • Gender Diversity– This unsaid quota more commonly includes the women’s quota. There is a ballpark estimate of all the corporate institutions and organizations to have 50% quota of women presence as women brings a different perspective.
  • Academic Diversity– There are different categories in this point here. The first one lies Engineers, Non- Engineers (20-25% fixed), Weird category (doctor, law, vet etc.), GMAT category (valid in India & Abroad).

The best strategy to give CAT mocks

  • How to attempt- we don’t need to attempt the whole paper but just have to attempt 45-50 questions out of 66 questions.
  • To become a topper- there are 2 strategies.

The Timing Strategy- In this, according to CAT exam pattern we shall take 1 section i.e. VARC and then split 40mins given for it into 4 parts for 10mins each. Now in the 1st 10mins, we shall attempt 1 RC of 6 questions, in the 2nd part – 2 RCs of 4 questions each, In the 3rd & 4th part- 3-4 questions of PJ, PS, OOC questions. Similarly goes with LRDI & Quants section. Start this strategy with 20mins per section then gradually move to 10mins.

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Round Robin Strategy

  • Scan the whole paper in the first 20mins & solve the easy ones that you can solve. Now go for the medium ones in next 10mins, then solve the difficult ones in the final 10mins time.
  • Another situation would be to give 1st 30mins to kill the easy and medium questions and then spend the remaining 10mins over difficult questions.
  • Yet another situation could be to spend first 25mins in easy & medium questions and the rest 15mins in difficult questions
  • Keep changing the timings spent according to your need. This way you can never miss any easy question in any paper.


“Everything is possible, it’s only how bad you want it.”

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