CAT topper Master Plan To Crack CAT 22 In One Shot.

CAT topper Master Plan To Crack CAT 22 In One Shot.

CAT topper Master plan to Crack CAT 22 examination in one shot is not an arduous task, only your aim should be clear and determined. If with the right mindset a student starts his preparation. He/she could crack the exam easily in his/her first shot and get admission to your dream college.

Before discussing our master plan to bang CAT 22 in the first shot.  First Study with online courses Online worthy courses link and afterward solve problems. Let’s have a short outline of the MBA entrance exam CAT. 

The general outlook of CAT Exams.

CAT Stands for common admission examinations that are computer-based exams. Before entering an MBA course MBA aspirants conduct this exam. To get admission to 20 IIMS colleges and other top B- schools in India. Top B-schools for instance are IMT, FMS, and so on. 

This CAT exam is supervised by the IIMs every year. CAT paper is set on a moderate difficulty level for aspirants. Moreover these Exams test your maths and logical skills of grade tenth level. 

CAT is a Multi choice question paper.  For every correct answer, you get 3 marks and for incorrect, there is a negative marking.


CAT topper first interpret their Exam syllabus and pattern in-depth

The initial stage before starting preparation for an exam is to interpret your exam syllabus. The CAT exam schedule contains three sections. These sections are QA, VARC, and DILR. QR stands for quantitative aptitude that section includes grade tenth-level mathematics.

VARC stands for verbal ability & reading comprehension. That section includes grammar and comprehensive type questions. DILR means data interpretation & logical reasoning. That includes analysis of puzzles and pie charts. 

The CAT exam schedule pattern has been amended in 2021. Then number of questions has decreased from 76 to 66. Now the CAT paper consists of a total of 66 questions to be solved in 120 minutes. 

Each section-wise you have a 40-minute time limit. Paper is conducted on laptops/computers as the paper is computer-based. Each of the questions carries 3 marks. 

CAT topper choose the finest study material for their entrance exam

There is a penalty for books or study material available on the market. Aspirants should take care while choosing a mat for exams. Experienced coaches recommend that aspirants should have updated exam patterns. And updated question banks for paper.

Some video links that may help you in study Preparation strategy, DILR Lectures, Quants lectures.

It’s very essential to have the best study material for studying and the books you hand-pick should be right and efficient. Which could help you to bang exam paper in the first shot. Try to stick to limited edition books. 

CAT toppers specifically consider the book of authors Arun Sharma, Nishit k Sinha and CATKing mat CAT 22 online courses link.. CATKing Educare provides an efficient mat for entrance exams and they are providing mat free of cost. CATking also provided free mock test papers.

CAT topper considered time scheduling : Backbone to crack

Time scheduling leads to cracking your exams in one shot. Aspirants should schedule his timetable before exams and even during exams. Prior to papers, schedule your time according to your study plan. While giving CAT, manage time in a way so you could answer most of the questions.

If you are an aspirant having exams after 6-7 months. Then aspirants should try to cover the basics of the position in 4 months. And in the subsequent month’s practice as much as a mock test, previous year’s papers. 

Revise your basics as much as possible if you want to crack the exam. The more you practice the more you become perfect in solving exams. Try to solve as much as the question paper you can attempt within the time prescribed by the authority. If you manage time efficiently you can win the battle to crack the exam.

time for cat preparations


How to get ready to score well in VARC.

As per scanning last year’s papers this section covers grammar, vocabulary, comprehensive reading, and verbal ability. So, aspirants should prepare these parts separately to achieve a maximum score. Outlook for making yourself ready for the VARC part are as follows.

  • For extensive reading, you should start earlier. So that you could make a habit of reading and fast up your reading speed. You could try CATKing Educare’s comprehensive question bank for practice. CATKing has an efficient and worthy question bank for free.
  • To get better in the viability and grammar part you need to practice last year’s question papers. Or you can try question bank and mock test.
  •  For vocabulary try to learn 10 words daily and try to use those 10 words in your daily routine. Make sentences from those works. Later revise all words every Sunday to make your vocabulary strong. 
  • While solving questions, note the time you take to try to improve your time taken. Try to fast up as much as possible for you.
  • Make flashcards of vocabulary and take a quiz every week.

How to get ready to score well in QA.

Aspirants find QA the toughest and most stimulating section. This section covers geometry, arithmetic, and algebra. Basically CAT claims that mathematics is tenth-grade level. But this section contains challenging questions. So CAT topper pay  special attention to this QA part. 

  • Aspirants should clear their basics, theorems, and concepts first to perform well in QA. Write all the formulas in one sheet and paste it onto your study place. Revise those formulas on a daily basis.
  • Learn tricks and mental calculations to increase your problem-solving speed. 
  • Practice question banks, mock tests, and last year’s papers.
  • Learn tables, squares, and cubes for increasing your problem-solving speed.
  • Tries to solve a different kind of questions. Focus more on difficulties or tough problems rather than solving the easy same type of problems. 

How to get ready to score well in DILR.

This DILR section is also a challenging one you need to practice this section a lot. Aspirants should clear their fundamental basic concepts first and then start questions. The main questions focused on in this section are related to data and reasoning. 

For solving this section aspirant should have observation skills. As little-little details could change your answers. Outlook for making yourself perform well in CAT are as follows.

  • If you know Vedic maths that would help you to solve problems speedily and correctly. As data interpretation requires a lot of arithmetics for solving questions.
  • Read and interpret questions with full concentration. Don’t solve questions on a guess or your presumption. Because a small detail could change your answer.
  • Important topics for this section are blood relations, puzzles, seating arrangement, syllogism, statements, and arrangements.
  •  Patience, practice, and focus are key skills to score well in exams.
  • CATKing question bank provides different variety of questions for aspirants to practice for free. Even CATKing teachers are also so helpful and experienced.
  • For the syllogism-type answer, you can use Venn diagrams for better results.

    cat preparation

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Some general tips that must be retained in the mind of CAT topper.

CAT topper never compare yourself with anyone. Everyone has their own way to study or practice. Some may perform well in mock tests but in actual exams, they fail. Some aspirants process things last, some could take to process study. 

So you should give your best and leave the rest and try to love a variety of questions. Try to solve difficult problems more so you can easily attempt the exam. Start preparing for CAT 22 as soon as possible.  

Do sample paper and mock tests for practice. All the best guys for your exam. I think if you manage your time efficiently you will clear the exam. I hope you clear your exams in one shot and get admission to your dream MBA college. 


For CATKing Educare study mat and question,  goes through this link it would help you a lot Different question banks, formula sheets, and mock test paper CATKing are provided for free. In Starting clear your fundamental concept first then start question-solving. Increase your problem-solving speed. Analysis your given mock test and try to reduce your mistakes. 

To sum up aspirants study with consistency. Make different notebooks like formula books, mistake journals, and vocabulary notebooks. Keep a record of your mock test attended and time taken. Make your fundamental concepts properly clear. Create your own notes and study them on regular basics. 

Make a formula chart and revise it daily. Focus and give your best you will definitely clear the exam in one shot. Get admission to your dream college. You will get success if you work hard with full effort. In the end I would like to wish you all the best for your preparation and CAT exams.




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