CMAT 2022 Analysis

CMAT 2022 Analysis

CMAT is considered to be the last National level exam of the MBA entrance exams season and crucial for people who could not mark their place in any college from previous exams. Some Key highlights are:

Key Highlights about CMAT 2022:

  • The paper was easier than last year. Level of difficulty was equivalent to SNAP exam.
  • GK section was easy as static GK was asked more but less question of Current Affairs was there. So, GK rules the roost.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Section was doable and anyone who is well read, has knowledge of basic GK, start-up Culture or work-ex could easily sail through the questions.
  • There were true/false, match the following questions and words from Noman Lewis Word Power Made Easy were there.

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Let’s Segregate and Analyze through Each Section:

QUANTITATIVE ABILITY – In this section, questions were mostly on Arithmetic (10+), questions from Probability were tricky. Other questions from SI/CI, Profit & Loss, Time speed Distance, Algebra were there. It had 2-4 tricky questions. Trigonometry was very easy. An ideal attempt of 17-18 and normal attempt of 15 questions would be good.

LOGICAL REASONING – In this section, questions were extremely easy. Many of them were in proximity of CATKing mocks so students found it very relevant. Questions on Blood Relations, direction sense, series, alphabets, missing letters etc. were there. Pie chart and Tables in Data Interpretation were of Moderate Level. An ideal attempt of 17-18 attempts would be good.

VERBAL ABILITY – CMAT loves Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy and students were able to recognize many words asked from the book which was amazing. This section was Easy. RC from Urbanization was asked.  Ideal attempt of 18-19 questions for JBIMS would be good.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – Question in this section were Moderate. Many students found it difficult to answer. One must be well read to ace the level but except from certain 2-4 tricky questions rest were able to sail through. Questions from Static GK was asked more than Current Affairs.

INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP – This section was newly introduced in CMAT from this year. Anyone who is well read, knows corporate culture well would be able to answer the questions. Questions from Economics, Shark Tank, CEOs, Intrapreneurship, what is Sequoia Capital (1st ever venture capital), dollar rupee determining factor etc. were asked. Match the following was there too.

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Good attempt for normal students i.e. 80-85 percentile will be 225-230 and for JBIMS would be 340+ score.

Now let’s check out CMAT score vs Percentile (expected):

345- 359 100
296- 344 90-99
230- 295 80-89
181- 299 70-79


Thus, we recommend 10 marks maximum deviation in the above stated scores as these are predicted scores from previous year data.

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