CATKing eBooks & CAT Mocks!

Why take the CATKing Bible Books & Mocks?

CATKing has a special team of exam toppers and subject experts which designs all the study materials. The books are classified into 2 categories based on the Level of Difficulty.

The CATKing Bible LOD1, also known as the Booster Books will provide the basic conceptual clarity with solved examples and practice questions to build your foundation. The CATKing Bible LOD 2 also known as primer eBooks are CAT Level questions for module wise preparation and practice to boost your scores and test your preparation level with respect to Actual CAT

Study Material & Mocks worth Rs.13999 for Rs.6999/-

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The CATKing Books & Mocks Course Includes

3 Sets of eBooks

CATKing has strategically divided the MBA entrance preparation into 3 sets of books. CATKing Bible LOD 1, CATKing Bible LOD 2 and the NMAT Maximiser eBooks CATKing Bible LOD 1 help students build a strong fundamental about the various concepts. Once they are done with the booster books, they can switch to Primer Books which helps them understand their level of preparedness with the various concepts. NMAT Maximiser eBooks are aligned especially for the NMAT Aspirants

Real CAT Intensive Mocks

Mocks Verified & Tested by 5 IIM-Ahmedabad, FMS, SP Jain Mumbai Alumni
Mocks inspired by the past 5 Years CAT Papers and Expected Convenor
40 Real CAT Full length Mocks (25 Proctored Mocks and 15 Take Home Mocks )
Learn from the Toppers Attempt to CAT Videos by FMS Alumni, CAT 99.8%iler
Real CAT Mock Solving Live Session along with detailed Mock Analysis Dashboard
CAT Mocks Target Setting Videos for 90%ile, 95%ile by FMS, IIM Ahmedabad Alumni
30 Sectional Tests for practice (10 for each section VARC, DILR & QA)
50+ Topic wise tests for each Topic of QA/VARC/DI-LR
6 Actual CAT Mocks 2020 & 2021 (Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3)
120+ CATKing Bible LOD 1 and 2 Practice eBooks
Whatsapp group to stay updated with important notifications

Study Material & Mocks worth Rs.13999 for Rs.6999/-

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