Do’s and Don’ts on CAT Exam Day

Do’s and Don’ts on CAT Exam Day

Feeling unsure just a few days before CAT 2022 is normal, especially among participants who are taking the exam for the sake of taking it. The anxiety level should rise in the psyche.

This is where the problem occurs, and the candidate will generally lose marks. It is vital that candidates remain silent during this critical period and are aware of what can and cannot be done.

The set of instructions includes when to contact, what to convey, what to avoid, how to identify your CAT exam focus, your sitting location, and what your trying method should be on November 24 to pass the CAT exam.

It is critical that you understand when to arrive at the CAT exam center and what you should expect. And How to find your seat at the CAT testing center and what methods to use throughout the CAT test

All of your hard work and preparation for CAT may be for naught if you do not have a clear grasp of your CAT Exam day. Your testing room approach is important, and you should be aware of how your CAT exam will begin.

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Dos and Don’ts on Exam Day

First, you can also go through the detailed article on how to fill out the application form for CAT for those who haven’t filled it out yet.

Major List of Do’s for Exam Day

Carry your admit card

All applicants must handle the hard copy of the CAT 2022 admit card. Applicants who do not have a paper copy of their admit card will not be allowed to attend the exam center at any cost. The CAT admit card is a required document. Test takers must verify that their signature and photo on the Admit card are legible.

Candidates are reminded to double-check the following information on their admit cards.

  • Candidate’s surname
  • Disability Status
  • City of Examinations
  • Number of Registration
  • Number of References
  • CAT Exam Schedule and Session

Maintain Valid Photo ID Proof

Along with the CAT, admit card, the candidate must have at least one photo ID as a significant Do’s of CAT 2022. The candidate must keep in mind that the photo and signature on the ID confirmation must be visible and not smudged or damaged in any way.

Aspirants who have a pacemaker, implants (metal), or other medical devices will be asked to present a medical certificate. On exam day, candidates may utilize any of the documents listed below as picture identity verification and character confirmation.

  • Passport
  • Voter Identification Card
  • The Aadhar Card
  • PAN Number
  • Driving Permit
  • Employer Identification Card
  • ID Card for College

Document Verification and Security Check

Before being allowed inside the test-focus/test lab, you need to go through a thorough security check and search. As a result, avoid wearing bulky coats and coordinate in the security check.

Document Confirmation

After entering the testing facility, candidates should have their documents verified.

This is an important procedure since only after the documents have been verified will candidates be allowed to continue to their respective exam labs to take the test.

Be punctual

Previous records show that competitors must respond to the test center one and a half hours before the test. Time management is essential in CAT, whether it is for announcing or finishing questions correctly. The candidate’s last entry should be 15 minutes before the start of the examination.

Time Management Tips For CAT 2022

Take enough rest before the exam.

Exhausting your energy in exams or practice before the CAT 2022 test is not recommended. Rest well and keep your mind sharp.

Major List of Don’ts for Exam Day

Try not to sign the admit card before you arrive.

Candidates who do not read the instructions may make the mistake of signing the admit cards in advance. It should be noted that contestants must sign on the CAT 2022 admission card in the presence of the invigilator only. Any competitor’s admit card that is marked prior to the segment is deemed invalid.

Furthermore, contestants must guarantee that their signature matches the printed signature, such as the one they transferred at the time of enrolment.

Various Attempts Are Not Permitted

Candidates may only attempt/show up for the CAT 2022 examination once, for example, in either the morning or evening session. Candidates who are found attempting/showing up for the CAT test at different times or in both slots will have their candidature dropped.

Make an effort not to shred pages from the Writing Pad.

All competitors in the test lab will be given writing pads and pens by test invigilators.

Regardless, you must return the writing pad with all of the pages undamaged. Outside of the test lab, competitors are not permitted to take any pages.

No Unfair Practices

In CAT 2022, no applicant should utilize unethical methods to pass the exam and achieve good scores. IIMs expressly ban carrying short notes, writing or sketching on hands with a pen/henna, or any other similar methods. Any competitor found to be culpable will not be allowed to continue with the exam, and their candidature will be revoked immediately.

Try not to worry about a strategy or a plan:

It is critical to plan ahead of time before entering the CAT testing room. Don’t rely on your companion’s approach because everyone has different abilities. Based on your preparations, create something unique for yourself.

When you need to success try to be more confident and use your day more useful”  

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