Future and Vision of WEB 3.0- part 2

Future and Vision of WEB 3.0- part 2

The vision of Web 3.0

Decentralized applications

  • Also known as dApps
  • Gives users greater control over their finances.
  • Blockchain Technology will play a major role to achieve this.

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Accuracy of Information

  • AI can help distinguish between good and bad data, thereby helping to improve the accuracy of information.

Three-dimensional Graphics

  • Also known as metaverse virtual environments.
  • Examples of popular metaverses – are sandbox and Decentraland.
  • Makes use of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The Future of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 may not be able to completely take over Web 2.0 in the near future. Experts say that both will operate simultaneously.

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Internet Addiction

  • Can make the internet addiction more severe


  • What if the Web 3.0 is also owned by the giant tech companies

Accuracy of Information

  • What if bad data is fed into the AI system intentionally.
  • It would reduce the efficiency of the AI model.

Uncertainty of Data

  • The data always has some uncertainty associated with it.
  • It will be a problem if the uncertainty goes beyond tolerable limits.

 Vast Data

  • The internet contains huge data.
  • The system designed to understand the functionality of data should be able to deal with huge amounts of data.


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