HOW IMPORTANT IS PROFILE FOR MBA (ft. Great Lakes co-founder)

HOW IMPORTANT IS PROFILE FOR MBA (ft. Great Lakes co-founder)

Importance of Profile for MBA

The honorable guest that we are having today is a dynamic personality on his own coming from a rich academic background and having several feathers on his cap in the corporate domain. He is Mr. Gautam Lakhamraju.

Mr. Gautam is the chief Marketing Officer and Director Administrator at Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM). He is also the co-founder of GLIM Gurgaon Campus.

He has done his MBA from the prestigious MDI Gurgaon, MSc in Risk and Asset Management in EDEC b-school, he is ex- ICRA Management Consulting Services.

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As Mr. Gautam says profile is basically what you have done so far over the years. It is higher than entrance exams as it keeps your entire track record. He further mentions, various components to the Profile stated below:

Multiple Components to the Profile: –

  • Experience- A profile states if you have got some experience of responsibility in any arena be it academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular and professionally.
  • Academic track record- Your 10th, 12th, Graduation marks are evaluated.
  • Initiatives- This checks if you have taken any initiative beyond exams e.g. Competitions, coordinated or managed events etc.
  • Significance- It is significantly more important than your test scores in some colleges after you are shortlisted in interview phase.
  • Relevancy working in NGOs- The relevance of working in non-profit organizations and NGOs here is there provided one has demonstrated one’s ability to manage, lead, teamwork etc. It is a great opportunity in dealing with real world challenges.
  • Challenges- there are challenges in working in NGOs and management is all about dealing with Constraints and since it is not for profit so constraints are naturally more than usual here as there is lack of funding. This requires sheer drive, passion, willingness and empathy with EQ and IQ and altruistic nature to transform yourself personally.

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Conclusion Along with knowledge make sure you enjoy this process and have fun. If you are passionate about something, then money should never be the drive. Look for what you are really good at and enjoy doing. If you have excelled in something then you will be rewarded so discover and use this time to follow your inner calling.

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