How to get into FMS

How to get into FMS

“we are all faced with the series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations”

Faculty of Management Studies – University of Delhi (FMS Delhi or The Red Building of Dreams) is a leading business school located in New Delhi, India. It was established in 1954 under the umbrella of the University of Delhi and is often cited as one of the best business schools in India. It has been famous mainly for its ROI and extremely limited student intake.

This year 169 CATKing students have got calls from FMS and the conversion ratio considering the past years of FMS lies 1:7 whereas conversion ratio of CATKing in FMS lies 1:3. The point here is that it is evident that FMS gives lots of calls, it is only how bad you want it. Pledge to work hard and get into your dream college!

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Your Study Agenda for FMS:

  • Verbal ability in CAT exam is very important for getting into FMS as they give 40% weightage to Verbal Ability, 30% weightage to Quantitative Ability and 30% weightage goes to logical reasoning section.
  • Overall cut off for general engineer male is 99 percentiles, non- engineer in general category is 98.5 percentile, SC/ST/OBC – 90-92 percentile and EWS has 97 percentiles.
  • The target score should be 50 percent of the total.
  • No counting of 10th, 12th marks in the first round of call, in the second round of call extempore is included.

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Preparation Plan:

  • 50% marks will fetch you 99.5 percentile. Your target should be this regardless of anything.
  • You have to solve 30 mocks, come what may.
  • Solving of old papers pretty well from 2009-2021. Even in 3hrs of mock exam, solve it as your actual exam. You can refer to solutions from CATKing dashboard.
  • Consolidate your success. This step is crucial. Give weekdays i.e. Mon to Fri to study and then the weekends i.e. Sat-Sun for Consolidation. Make notes by yourself.



Unlike other exams you have to convince them and perform yourself. Here you cannot copy or do anything wrong. Do it for genuine amazing peers, great network and learning from highest placements getter people.

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