How to start preparing for NMAT 2021?

how to start preparing for NMAT

How to start preparing for NMAT 2021?

How to start preparing for NMAT 2021? 

The NMAT test window starts in October and finishes in December. Two months are enough to cover the NMAT syllabus.

NMAT is the entrance exam for admission to all the MBA courses of NMIMS Mumbai and the PGDM of NMIMS Hyderabad and Bengaluru. It is a computer-based test and we need a totally different MBA preparation strategy to crack NMAT.

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NMAT for the academic session 2021- 23 will be conducted in a testing window from October 6, 2020, to December 19, 2020. A candidate can take NMAT up to a maximum of 3 times. There has to be a gap of at least 15 days between two attempts. We exhort that you should appear for the exam again if your performance has been bad the first time. In 4-5 weeks the results for your NMAT exam are received by the candidate who has written the exam. The percentiles are released after all candidates have taken their exam and will be announced in the third week of January 2020.

Test Pattern

NMAT is computer-based and gives every candidate a random test. The number of questions, adversity levels, and the time management for each of the sections is predetermined and fixed. The 3 sections of the exam are, as shown:

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Quantitative Skills:

  • There are 36 questions in the Quantitative Skills section that have to be completed in 52 minutes; which boils down to 1.25 min/question.
  • This section tests you’re four important areas of Mathematics – Modern Math, Arithmetic, and Algebra.
  • Begin with the elemental and ensure concept transparency on fundamentals, formulas, and number crunching, such as prime numbers, LCM and HCF, odd and even, etc. before turning over to advanced concepts.
  • Given the time coercion, your mental tenacity ability has to be proficient. Similarity with squares, cubes, common fractions, multiplication tables, and their percentage equivalents will be of help.

Logical Reasoning:

  • There are 36 questions in the Logical Reasoning section that have to be completed in 40 minutes, giving you 1 min/question.
  • The section tests you’re two areas of Reasoning – Analytical and Verbal. Verbal is more time demanding than analytical.
  • We should never assume or use information that is not given in the previous question.
  • You need to have an aptitude for deducing the questions to be done and the ones to guess.
  • Solving the questions through suitable diagrams, obviously in arrangement ones, or drawing the Venn diagram in syllogism questions.
  • Logical Reasoning Skills is not a cakewalk. Practical reasoning is required and over here the right and fast approach is the key.

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Language Skills

  • There are 36 questions in the Language Skills portion which have to be answered in 28 minutes, making it 40 sec/question. But there are 9-11 questions based on vocabulary, which can be solved in 10-20 seconds.
  • The section will test you in three areas of English – grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • To improve both vocabularies, pay special attention to the Editorial section of ET newspapers. This will help you to appreciate the contextual usage of words and also improve your comprehension skills.
  • Please take note of an authentic ‘wordlist’, giving the meaning of words, which will be helpful in handling questions, which are popularly taken in this section.
  • Use a reference to revise these concepts and improve your skills dramatically, re-visit the rules and application of grammar. You may also refer to Norman Lewis “Word Power Made Easy”.

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At the end of the day, we have to only keep one thing in mind that this exam is prepared to test your management skills by these 3 sections. Your overall intelligence is a mixture of choosing the right questions to answer and guessing the rest. Taking NMAT mock tests in similar formats is of maximum help and helps you to appropriately buckle up for this confrontation.

Section Number of Questions Allotted Time
Language Skills 36 28 minutes
Quantitative Skills 36 52 minutes
Logical Reasoning 36 40 minutes

I hope you liked this article and got an idea of how to start preparing for NMAT. All the best and happy preparations!.

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