How To Make It Into Your Dream College Though Demonstrating Interest

How To Make It Into Your Dream College Though Demonstrating Interest

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Have you always longed for Studying abroad? Do you have your list of dream colleges prepared beforehand? Do you have sound marks? Are your extracurricular activities in place? But so do a lot of others have too, right? So what can you do to make yourself, make your application stand out? How do you gain an upper hand? How do you make it through? Don’t worry, we are here to spill the beans. Ever heard about demonstrating interest?

Dream College Though Demonstrating Interest.

You see, universities, colleges, educational institutes come under the purview of business too. However, their rate of success is measured by different variables. Businesses use sales to measure their success, similarly, educational institutions use yield rates to measure the same. Now, it might occur to you, what actually is a yield rate? It is nothing but the number of students, that are converted from the number of applications. The actual percentage of students that join the college, after getting selected is considered to be the yield rate. This not only contributes to the success rate of the college but also it’s global ranking. Take the example of Harvard University, it is not only known for its credibility, and as a result of which it has a high yield rate ( 82%). This in turn helps Harvard and similar institutions sustain its global ranking.


Now let’s shed some light on the demonstrating interest.  For example- there are two people, namely Sumit and Kush. Both of them apply to XYZ College. Both have an equally appealing CV and have close SAT scores. Although both of them have applied to the college. Sumit is more inquisitive and displays more interest in the same by calling them, enquiring about the workshops that are conducted by the college and have also visited the campus once. Although Kush is quite passive in his approach, he is ahead of Sumit in terms of his SAT Score by a few digits. Who do you think has a higher probability of beings selected?- It is Sumit who stands a higher chance of being chosen.

You see, Universities do not want to be metre ‘safety schools’. They want to select students who are eager to join the institute without having second thoughts. If you have Study Abroad plans, Make sure you use this tool to your advantage.


So, how do we master the art of demonstrating Interest in our dream college? Let’s begin:


Subscribe to their mailing list: Study Abroad:

As puny as it may sound, do not underestimate the power of data. Subscribing to their mailing list will showcase your enthusiasm to join the college. Your study abroad plans can never go wrong if you start with subscribing to the mailing list of your dream college. However, make sure to mention the same mail-id whilst applying in the college. Yur mail id will be reflected in their data and will definitely make your application more noticeable. Remember merely subscribing will not help, in an era of growing technology, it is not difficult to know if you leave your mails simply unread or are active.

Ask For Information On The University website- Study Abroad :

Sign up on their website with the same email-id and subscribe to their newsletters. However make sure you actively check the website, pay attention to the announcements section. You might not want to miss out on some imperative announcement pertaining to your application. This will give your study abroad plans, wings.

Reach Out To The Admission Team:

In case of any query feel free to drop them a mail or even call them up. When you mail them make sure you vividly mention your name, follow up by a thank you note on being reverted. By repeatedly emailing or calling them (don’t flood them though), you are interacting with them and are making your name ingrained in their minds. This way you are adding a few more brownie points on your application.

Reach Out To Professors From Your Department- Study Abroad :

Follow the work of your professors and university teachers, comment and share their work. Mail them and let them know how useful their work was to you. Use the same mail id to mail them, This way, you have three mentions of your mail in the university database. Building strong connections with your professors will help you manifest your study abroad dreams into reality in no time. They have enormous power to push or put more weightage on your application.

Follow The University On Social Media- Study Abroad :

Although it may not sound like a very powerful tool, you will be taken aback by the pros it has to offer. You can follow your preferred university on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. These are the mainstream social media accounts. Make sure you do not passively follow them. Be more interactive in your approach. Like, share and primarily comment on the posts that you feel are relevant and useful.

Tip: Considering your Study Abroad Plans, whilst doing this, google yourself and see what appears and whether it is appropriate or not, because the university may google you. You must keep your profile limited to formal pictures and posts. Feel free to create a new account for this purpose if you may.

Apply Before The Deadline- Study Abroad :

Applying before the deadline will show your eagerness to join the university and will have a good impression. You can even apply before a few weeks of the deadline. It also showcases how disciplined and organized you are.

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Attend Universities Fairs And Workshops:

While planning for your study abroad plans, make sure you consider looking out for university affairs and workshops. Although attending the campus physically might look like a challenge now, you can always consider opting for such fairs and workshops. Remember by doing this, you are not leaving any stone unturned in your quest of chasing your study abroad dreams.

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