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IIFT PI Experience 1:

19/2/2020 Delhi

Percentile: 98.26

No documents verified, only ID card checked

WAT Topic – For the powerful, crimes are those committed by others (300 words)

GD Topic – Will ai take away jobs from the workforce?
– I’ve never seen a worse GD in my life. After the compulsory one minute per person, it turned into pure chaos. 6-7 people shouting at a time, the loudest one clearly having no idea about the topic and talking about climate change and initial coin offerings. GD moderators said that they’ll throw all of us out due to the sheer chaos, but that wasn’t enough to deter people from valuing quality over quantity and volume. Through and through atrocious. I didn’t participate in the madness and was asked to conclude. I summarised the few understandable points and concluded that we didn’t address the important questions during our ‘discussion’ to arrive at an answer.

PI – 2F, 1M(all very senior), Me(S)

M: introduction please
S: blah blah…I’m a computer science engineer…blah blah

M: are you a CSE or a computer engineer? (My degree says computer engineering?
S: computer engineer

M: what’s the difference
S: told about the difference in curriculum

F1: what do you do at your (American investment bank)?
S: told about team structure + oracle project

F1: what application are you working on?
S: explained more about oracle

F1: (annoyed) I’m asking what do you do
S: i work on oracle

F1: what does that oracle do for your team
S: explained business use

F1: how do you price your services?
S: the team I work in generates it revenue thru…..

F1: can’t you understand my question, how do you earn?
S: (annoyed) I’m telling that only…proceed to explain

M: why u want to do international trade after cse
S: explains how it’ll be easy for me to deal with data

M: then do pgdba?
S: (disinterested) explains about need to act on data

F2: what foreign banks operate in India?
S: do you mean retail banks?

F2: yes
S: Barclays, Citi, Deutsche, HSBC

F2: why was HSBC in news?
S: money laundering issues

F2: can you elaborate?
S: I only know the news, don’t know details

Them: we’re done thanks

Opinion: Very poor selection structure, gd was more of a mob, strange interview too

IIFT PI Experience 2:

B.Sc. Life Science

17 minutes
2 male panelists

Extempore: higher salaries vs job satisfaction

1. India’s foreign trade.

2. What foreign countries think about our pharma companies?

3. What is GDP? Last quarter’s GDP?

4. Difference in vaccines produced in foreign countries and in our country?

5. How are vaccines made?

6. How much do you know of IT?

7. Hobbies?

8. Gap year justification

9. How will you do justice to MBA

10. Specialisation in consulting

11. News headlines

12. Your take on extempore topic

IIFT PI Experience 3:

96.14%, GEM 33 months, Panel 10

1. Your extempore topic- How to make India a cashless economy.

2. Why you want to do MBA after so long?

3. What difference will an MBA make to ur personality?**
Mentioned that MBA isn’t a magic wand. It’s only for Conditioning, environment to understand with peers and learn from Faculties. Cause real business leaders don’t need an MBA, they get the environment from their surroundings.Like Ambani. On personal Front it will improve my Articulation and Presentation skills, which would have taken time in normal scenario.

4. In what domain you want to do MBA?

5. Why not in Information management, Prodman roles?

6. What is STP that you mentioned?

7. Give examples of Targetting?
Gave eg of HUL- Clinic Plus, Sunsilk, Tresemme for targetting each segment. And Mountain Dew.

8. Why you took a Break from ur work?

9. What is SAP HANA? How is it different from legacy SAP?(Work ex questions)

Based on my CV interests-

10. What is Vaccine Diplomacy?

11. How India’s Vaccine diplomacy has beenso far? Is it right or wrong?

12. Should Govt stop it?
I feel pause it, till we augment capacity. And simultaneously import foreign vaccines for commercial use.

13. What was errors in our Vaccine strategy?

14. India vs China Vaccine Strategy?**

15. Give 3 reasons for such record Covid spikes in India?
Ans. Forgot the most important one- Covid mutations

16. Pandemics in the last 100 years?
Mentioned Nipah, H1N1, SARS 2002, 1976 outbreak. Forgot Ebola.

17. Spanish Flu isn’t a pandemic?
Ans. I didn’t mentioned it sir, cause it happened in 1918, more than 100 years ago. And then explained it.

Correction- Added 2 more questions

IIFT PI Experience 4:

99.75- IIFT score
3 Panelist -. 1M,2F
Extempore topic: Effect on social fabric due to lockdown.
A:Spoke about on length relating my personal experiences but could not conclude well.

1)Tell me about yourself?

2)at what point do you realise you want to do MBA?
A:gave a story idea

3) You have created NLP chatbot, give me more example?
A: gave two examples, one for call center and another for Alexa. Can not come up with more

4)you have studied AI, tell me the impact for it over new jobs?
A: gave a well structured answer connecting dots with industrial revolution, globalization in India and when computers came to India

5)asked me two more questions related to ai, can not remember them

7)which is better push or sell side?
A: told him I don’t know about marketing terms, if he could elaborate more on this to which he said let’s move on we have less time

8)what is white revolution and who was behind it
A: told but can not remember who was behind it.

Total time: 14-16 minutes.

Pro tip: do meditation before the PI

My take on PI: I was able to answer all the questions except 1 or maybe 2. Panels were smiling, I was also smiling throughout the interview

IIFT PI Experience 5:

GEM 2.5 years experience in IT
Extempore : India’s growing global stature
2 male, 1 female

F :
– Tell me about your work.

– Why mba after working for these many months?

M1 :
– Have you done the cost analysis of doing an mba?

– Hobbies

– Something about coffee plantation challenges as coorg is not very far from my place Told I dont know

– 5 lessons that corporates can learn from covid pandemic

– With economy being hit hard everywhere, how some companies performed good and how did stock market perform well with economies not doing good?

– Doesnt market growth depend on economy?

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