IIM needs work experience or not?

IIM needs work experience or not?

IIM needs work experience or not?

In order to get admission in top b schools, one needs to score well in any of competitive exams but that’s not it. Scoring well only qualifies you in running the half marathon, the other half is yet to cover. All of it gets evaluated in terms of profile, academics, interview, group discussion etc. Also, in there goes heaps of dilemma regarding profile. People who crack profile have astounded profile evaluated on these parameters most commonly:


  • Academics- This include your marks in 10th, 12th & under graduation level. Improve this whenever you can.
  • Co- curricular– This will have weightage after your exam qualification.
  • ExtraCurricular– This will have weightage after your competitive exam qualification & includes activities done apart from your college or school curriculum.
  • Gender Diversity– This is unsaid quota more commonly includes the women’s quota. There is a ball park estimate of all the corporate institutions and organizations to have 50% quota of women presence as women brings different perspective.
  • Academic Diversity– There are different categories in this point here. The first one lies Engineers, Non- Engineers (20-25% fixed), Weird category (doctor, law, vet etc.), GMAT category (valid in India & Abroad).

How to improve Profile

  • Improve your English & communication skills.
  • Do something on Analytics.
  • Learn some coding language as the biggest recruiter with highest package are from techno companies, so they are scalable here. Atleast know the basics.
  • Learn a foreign language.
  • Learn Skills. The new saying says Jack of all Trades & master of all trades.




As per research and statistics nearly 30% of the students in top b schools are freshers. Freshers compete with freshers only. Nearly 50% students have work experience of 1-2 yrs. 20% have 2+yrs of work experience. All the b-schools have ballpark estimation of nearly 30% students to be freshers in every year’s cohort.


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