IMI New Delhi Personal Interview Experiences

IMI New Delhi Personal Interview Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IMI New Delhi Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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IMI New Delhi PI Experience 1:

Q1. Tell me something about yourself.

Q2. Who all are there in your family, and to whom are you most attached?

Q3. Capital of Tanzania ?

Q4. Tell me about Louis I. Khan (an architect)

Q5. What is PM Jan Dhan Yojana

Q6. Benefits of having a back account

Q7. Shortcomings of digitalising rural India

Q8. Why MBA

Q9. Any specialisation you are inclined towards?
(Lasted about 10 mins)

IMI New Delhi PI Experience 2:

Profile GEM 20 months Workex as Product Manager CAT 98.45 Acads 8/8/8.
WAT Topic: WFH is only for Technology company.
Went well. mentioned McKinsey Survey of digital acceleration. How IT companies adopted WFH and how certain sectors like automobile and tourism struggled.

Q1. Tell me about yourself?

Q2. Where are you working and your Job Role?
Answered rata hua tha.

Q3. What are advantages of B2B over B2C?
Answered was aware.

Q4. Is it legal and Ethical to monitor anyone?
Answered using GDPR.

Q5.Major installations of your Product?

Q6. Explain type of your products?

Q7 Minimum and Maximum Price range and why would customer pay the difference?

Q8. Any particular case where face recognition was used.
Answered to know who were causing Riots in Delhi.

Q9.What would you have done better in your last product release?

Q10. Explain entire Product development process?

Q11. 3 bat manufacturers?
Answered GM, sg and grey Nicholas, Willy

Q12. Someone lost life from Bihar Regiment in India China standoff?
Was not aware.

Q13. What is EQ

Q14. How do you improve it?
Answered that by mediation and evaluating the pros and cons before action.

Q15. Any questions for us.
Asked about exchange program.

Extempore – Farm Bills
Spoke about 3 laws government handling it, should protest be allowed and way forward for about 3 minutes.

IMI New Delhi PI Experience 3:

Panel was good one old lady and a young gentleman, it went amazing.

1. It started with tell me about yourself and went on digging from there only.

2. Why gap year.

3. why not campus placement.

4. why marketing.

5. which marketing job, marketing strategy of any brand.

6. extempore on digital marketing,

Gentleman takes over
7. SEO

8. Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, hobbies,

9. Problem faced while teaching guitar online,

10. Any questions for us. That’s it

IMI New Delhi PI Experience 4:

IMI Delhi Interview Experience
2 panelists- 1 Prof (Shraddha Mishra), 1 Alumni (Henna Wadhwa)
Duration: 22-23 mins
My undergrad: Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Comm

1. Tell us about yourself
2. Tell us about the cloud kitchen you run with your mother
3. What challenges did you face?
4. Why did you not go for Master’s in Mass Comm?
5. Tell us about your role in the projects you did with Delhi Govt (work ex)
6. Why MBA?
7. Why IMI?
8. Any particular specialisation preference?
9. Are you aware about current affairs? (Said yes)
10. Tell us about G20
11. Extempore on ‘Impact of ChatGPT on Journalism’ (20 secs to think, 1 min to speak)

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