Is It Important To Quit Job To Prepare NMAT?

Is It Important To Quit Job To Prepare NMAT?

One question every aspirant thinks before stating NMAT preparation. Is it reasonable to quit the job? Most MBA aspirants are muddled in taking decisions. Whether they should quit their job to prepare for NMAT or try to manage both study and job together.

Because making a balance between a hectic job routine and preparation is a little challenging. Afterwards, an MBA degree will provide your career with a new direction. However, here are a few points you must consider before you take the plunge.

Your Job occupies your all time.

Your job occupies your all time. You have to work for 10-12 hour’s a day. Further, you have to even work on weekends. Then you don’t have any choice other than to quit your job to prepare for NMAT. Hence you don’t have any other option rather than quit your job to prepare for NMAT. Before quitting first you should talk to your senior about your condition. You could define your working hours so that you can do your job along with your studies.

Second, you could talk to your HR and ask for a sabbatical leave of 2-3 months. A sabbatical leave is a much better choice than quitting. Prepare a strategy or schedule. That will give you direction and help you decide when should you quit your job or take a sabbatical. If plan smartly and effectively sabbatical would be enough for you. As NMAT is not a full-time preparation exam.

If you start your preparation earlier than you could easily ace the exam. Start your preparation in April month. Study 2-3 hours on weekdays and 4-5 hours on weekends. For strategies visit Then you ace the exam. On the contrary gap in the job would be hard to explain in an interview.

Some prestigious colleges like IIM give significate weightage on the base of working experience. It will give you an edge over other students. You could get some additional points for working experience.

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Quit Job to prepare for NMAT: Pros and cons

However, one aspirant should be cautious while taking such decisions. Here are the pros to quit the job for preparation.

  • Aspirants could study with a free Mindset.
  • He/she could give his/her full concentration toward the NMAT exam.
  • Aspirants could prepare himself/herself for the GD-PI rounds.
  • Candidate mental strain would decrease.
  • Meanwhile, candidates could learn new skills.

Reasons why you should reconsider your decision of quitting or taking a gap. Here are some cons to quitting the job to prepare for NMAT.

  • Job maintains discipline in your life. As working keeps you on a fixed schedule. And while working you become more active and punctual in your day-to-day routine.
  • The job helps you to arrange your time proportionately. You could fix your study time.
  • Boost your confidence level. Helps in maintaining equilibrium.
  • while working you learn new skills and learn about the important thing from seniors.
  • Once score best in the exam secure your seat in university then think about quitting. Keep your job as a backup plan till you secure a good NMAT score.

Aspirants couldn’t balance work and studies.

If you can’t take the pressure of multi-tasking. Handling both work and studies becomes challenging. Then perhaps you consider quitting the job to prepare for NMAT. MBA specialization would help you to develop the skill of multi-tasking.

For instance, during an interview, they could ask you about your multi-tasking ability. And ask about your decision-making ability. Additionally, your fellow candidate without a gap will get an extra edge while admitted to top NMAT colleges.

Watch this video 3 Things must do before starting preparation. Refer to our YouTube channels for online study.

A quit Job to prepare for NMAT is the only option then this could justify your gap.

Here are a few things you could consider that could justify your job quitting and career break.

Work as Freelance

You could work as a freelance while on your career break. You could work on projects related to freelance. This would help you to additional diversify your professional experience. You could earn as well as prepare for your exam.

Work as Content Writer

You could work as a content writer part-time. Even you could choose to work from home. This will also diversify your professional career. As well as you could explore a new field. Like this, you could easily justify your career break.


You could focus on learning new skills that are trending in the job market. This could help you become more suitable for your upcoming jobs and interviews. You could always add new skills as that would help you to grow more in your career.

Get ready to face the question in the Interview.

A candidate could face this question in multiple interviews. Some prestigious colleges like IIM particularly asked questions. For example, Do you have a gap in your career? If yes, please explain why. During their GD-Rounds.

If you consider quitting a job for preparation get ready with a solid answer in an interview. As your answer would determine your selection to that prestigious college. Follow CATKing’s social platforms FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE to stay updated.

How to prepare for NMAT while working?

It’s true managing work life and studies together is challenging or tough. But it is not impossible. Dedicated preparation of 6 to 7 months and study of 3-4 hours could easily help you to ace the NMAT exams. One working candidate could also study 2 to 3 hours on weekdays and 5 to 6 hours on weekends would also be sufficient.

First, get complete information about the exam. Considered exam pattern video. Here are some most important vocabulary words. One should pay attention.

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Considered the above-mentioned things before quitting the job. Once reconsidered your decision of taking a career break. For Online coaching considered CATKing Educare. In a word, I would say CATKing NMAT courses and strategies have helped many aspirants to crack the exam. And also to get admissions to the top MBA colleges of India and outside India. Thus, our team will make sure to give you the best service and resources that you need for NMAT 22 exams.

In sum CATking mentors will help you to find your path for admission to your dream college.


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