Is MBA worth for creative minds?

Is MBA worth for creative minds?

Is MBA meant for creative minds people?

MBA as a course is equally liberal in its approach. Being creative is a gift that anybody has but our education system stigmatizes making mistakes & creativity is all about creating mistakes. Normal schools will judge you on basic subjects like Eng., math, sci. & everything else is extra-curricular.

For the creative mind to explore creativity in any medium is very important but at the same time, many people who are extraordinary creative are not able to sense theory commercial growth, growth in life, their monetary growth. To monetize their creativity and that’s where b-school comes into play. If you don’t know the value of your art then you won’t be known and remain an average artist.


MICA- Crafting Creative Communication course

About communication design

CCC at MICA was dealing with the creative side of agencies like copywriters. Art director etc. It is basically a person who wants to do an MBA but has a creative bent of mind capacity too & thinks from the right brain. These people can work in the creative industry like music, entertainment, design, etc. The biggest challenge is how to deal with creative minds and they can do it efficiently. In this course, they get trained to deal with creative minds so the edge that they get over a typical MBA is massive. They can deal with filmmakers, photographers, musicians, etc. Also, they understand the entertainment industry which is different as well as difficult too.

CAT online courses and mocks

Conclusion- Listen to your heart. Let things come in your own way. Take your own decisions in terms of career & not be influenced by others opinions in term of career because you understand your own bass, not even your family does. Explore, figure it out & dive in fully.


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