Life @ SIBM Pune

Life @ SIBM Pune

Established in 1978, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune, is a premier B-School in India. This institute is recognized for its academic programs, experienced teaching staff, and an excellent pedagogy.

Proof of the above compliments, are the immensely talented Management students that graduate from this institute every year. One such bright student is Shreshtha Gupta, who is currently in her final semester of MBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship).

Shrestha is an enthusiast who doesn’t shy away from taking up challenges. She is passionate about Photography and loves paying Table Tennis. In this article, Shreshtha tells us about her life at SIBM, Pune.

What was the first thing that you learnt at SIBM?

The first thing that I learnt after coming to SIBM is that, even though most of my colleagues are not of my age, but everyone should be treated equally and that someone will have more knowledge than you in certain aspects and vice-versa.


Your favourite aspect about SIBM?

The fact that the SIBM campus is located on a picturesque hilltop would definitely top the list of my many of my favourite aspects of SIBM. The beauty cannot be described by words.


How is the faculty at SIBM?

The faculty at SIBM are no doubt loaded with their respective knowledge, they are also great support to students. More than a teacher, they are our friends.


How’s the culture at SIBM? Describe the cultural events and activities that happen in SIBM?

The culture is lively at its best! From the co-curricular club to the sports club to the social and entrepreneurship club, SIBM does not leave any stones unturned. Since, SIBM is a host to students from all over India, we also celebrate most of the festivals such as Onam, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Garba, Christmas etc., to make each and every student feel at home. Apart from this, we conduct cultural performances in the beginning of every academic year so as to break the ice between the freshers, seniors and also the professors.


What do you think makes SIBM different from other MBA institutes?

Apart from academics and its beautiful location, one thing that strikes SIBM Pune is that it welcomes students from outside India as well. There are students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many more.


Lastly, what’s next on your list of goals/achievements?

Since, I am in my final semester of the course, I am looking for the best opportunity in placements so that I can move ahead in the ladder of my career.

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