Dilemma Between MBA Finance and Marketing

Dilemma Between MBA Finance and Marketing

Finance or Marketing

We often come across a lot of students having confusion about whether they should go for MBA in Finance or should they go for MBA in Marketing. The answer to each confusion related to this topic is that it all depends on the student’s interest as both these fields have wide scope and opportunities that allows one to have an established career.

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MBA in Finance is for those who have interest in numbers and like to keep track of each detail. This field has wide range of opportunities like Finance Analyst, Budget Analyst, Personal Financial Advisor, Credit Risk Management Analyst.

Opportunities for Finance

MBA in Marketing is for those you love to be creative in their work and have effective communication skills as well as have a liking towards managing the networks. The opportunities in this field are many, such as Marketing Manager, Branding Specialist, Marketing Analyst, Advertising Executive.

Opportunities for Marketing

In both professions, one can get good salary package as the years go by. The starting salary at the entry level is between ₹20,000 – ₹50,000 per month. Then when the individual enters the middle level the package goes up to ₹60,000 – ₹1.2 Lakh per month. At the senior level gets a package salary that goes above the earlier mentioned salary packages.

Mostly, the confusion regarding MBA in Finance and MBA in Marketing arises since most of them are not aware about the careers scope, opportunities, jobs, colleges. Also, most of them are unaware of what catches their interest. There are many who go for either finance or marketing just because it is now the ‘Massive thing’ or companies dig for graduates from ‘MBA in Finance’ / companies dig for ‘MBA in Marketing’.

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Which is not the case, because finance and marketing are two important pillars in each business/firm/company. Without these pillars, it is very difficult to run a company. Also, competition in the market is another reason for students/individuals to have a dilemma regarding this subject.

There are companies in large numbers who are waiting to hire graduates and professionals from both these streams. Big and small companies, start-ups, multi-national companies everybody is looking for the right candidate.

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So, to conclude, one has nothing to be confused about as they must just inspect themselves and look for the qualities that MBA in finance or marketing requires one to have. And, also don’t forget to inspect your interest because you may qualify to their requirement but they should light up your interest towards them.

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