IIMs’ Autonomy under doubt? IIMs’start their new batch online

MBA IIM Updates

IIMs’ Autonomy under doubt? IIMs’start their new batch online

MBA IIM Updates: IIMs’ Autonomy under doubt?

What is happening in the world of MBA? 

The current global crisis has bought a change in every sector, every industry, and everything around us. So, what are the latest updates from the IIMs’? What are the top MBA IIM updates/highlights? Important CAT and other exam updates. In this article, we will also cover how are the B-schools managing and responding to the current situation.

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Let us look at the latest 5 MBA IIM updates/ highlights.

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So, I would like to start this on a good note.

1. Wipro Chairman on COVID19- No employees to be laid off

  • Due to the current situation, we have seen so many companies and the reports laying off employees. Top companies implementing this include zomato, swiggy, uber, etc.
  • Finally, there is some good news coming from the Chairman of Wipro- Rashid Premji. He has announced that Wipro has no plans to lay off employees at the current moment.
  • It is one of the biggest IT companies and has not laid off any employees yet during this pandemic.
  • They have plans with respect to cost-cutting. Currently, approximately 95% of Wipro employees are working from home.
  • Moreover, for the next year or two, the company plans to introduce a hybrid model of work. This model is a combination of work from home and from the office.

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2. IIM Calcutta to start the academic year in online mode

  • IIM Calcutta has given the official announcement regarding the commencement of online lectures for the incoming batch of 2022. These virtual lectures start in August.
  • Moreover, IIM Rohtak, IIM Kozhikode & IIM Amritsar have also made similar announcements.
  • As far as seeing the current scenario with respect to the coronavirus cases in India, this is bound to happen.
  • The colleges are very unlikely to start due to safety reasons.
  • In fact, even before the campuses have started, one of the IIMs have already reported a coronavirus case, that too from one of its staff members.
  • The main question arises is, how long will the students continue to study online? And pay lakhs of rupees for a campus experience? However, in return receive an online experience. Is this fair to them.? In case of any updates around this, we will keep you posted!

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3. IIM Nagpur – MBA Students intake doubles

  • IIM Nagpur is one of the third generation IIMs. Also, it is currently mentored by IIM Ahmedabad has doubled its intake.
  • So, now the intake has gone from 120 to 240 students.
  • IIM Nagpur has also planned to shift its campus in November this year. This campus will cater to the infrastructural needs of about 600 students.

4. IIMs cannot issue 1-year degrees: MHRD’s Directives to IIM Directors

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  • So, one of the biggest headlines has been the tussle between MHRD and IIM. This is related to issuing MBA degrees through 1-year executive programs.
  • MHRD says that the institutes cannot award degrees for their 1-year program. The MHRD claims that by doing this, the IIMs are in violation of the UGC Act, 1956.
  • Currently, the IIMs that used to give PG diplomas for the executive program, has now started issuing MBA degrees for this program.
  • Earlier this year, it was seen that the MHRD had opposed the idea of the IIMs giving MBA degrees for their 1-year program. It says that India has no provision as per the UGC regulations for the 1 year MBA degree.
  • Moreover, the master’s program had to be a minimum of 2 years.
  • An IIM Director has told the business standard anonymously that the MHRD directives could cast doubts on the autonomy of the IIMs. Further, saying MHRD has given autonomy to the IIMs through the IIM Act.
  • Another IIM director has gone on record and said, the IIMs are united to tell the Government to either leave them alone or modify the conditions of the directives.

5. 17 states sue Trump Government to block Student Visa rules

  • The TRUMP administration in the US recently announces revised VISA guidelines for international students in the US.
  • This poses the students to either attend the lectures on campus or lose their VISAs and move back to their country
  • This is in the background of the White Houses’ push to open up the schools and colleges in the US. Despite the threat of it not being safe to do so.
  • The US has the highest number of cases of coronavirus.
  • Now, the Attorney Generals of the State, Universities like Harvard, MIT, & even top companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have joined the lawsuit against the trump Government.
  • This is just a gist of the topic. There is a lot more background to this decision by the White House.
  • If you are interested in studying in the US in the near future. We would recommend reading more about this controversy in detail to be updated. As this might be of help in the coming future.

I hope this article around the MBA IIM updates helps you know more.

Most importantly,

Keep going and All the very best!

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