MBA Interview Preparation- What is Web 3.0

MBA Interview Preparation- What is Web 3.0

what is web 3.0

Previously there were 2 versions of web i.e. Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. The difference between these are:

WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0
Discovered in 1991 Discovered in 2004
Consisted of static websites Majority of people can read as well as write the content
Content was written by only few organizations. Majority of them could only read the content. Blogs and comments can be added too
One way Communication Two way Communication


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Salient Features of Web 3.0

It has got 4 salient features of Web 3.0 :

Decentralized web

Information does not lie in the hands of large organizations.

Peer to peer infrastructure.

Content cannot be regulated by large corporates.

 In addition to this, Web 3.0 guarantees user privacy and free speech too.

User privacy- it is a very important feature for this day and age where in recent past we have experienced a lot of data being shared on multiple websites which is against the law. Hence, user privacy is paramount here.

Free Speech- Individuals must get a chance to express themselves and their opinions. It should not be something to be devoid of.

Technologies used in Web 3.0:

  • Block chain Technology- it consists of an immutable ledger that helps to record transactions and tracking assets. It provides greater security by storing data on a decentralized network.
  • Artificial Intelligence- it involves the development of systems capable of performing tasks which require human intelligence. For example- image analysis, speech recognition and translation between languages.
  • Internet of Things- It involves connecting various devices through internet as well as enabling various devices to send and receive data.

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Challenges of Web 3.0:

  • It can make internet addiction more severe.
  • What if the web 3.0 is also owned by big giant tech companies?
  • If big data is fed into the AI system intentionally then it would reduce the efficiency of the AI model.
  • Data always has some uncertainty associated with it. It will be a problem if the uncertainty goes beyond tolerable limits.
  • The internet contains huge data. The system designed to understand the functionality of data should be able to deal with huge amounts of data.

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