MBA Interview- Why Design Thinking Business Transformation (ft. Kaustubh JBIMS alum): –

MBA Interview- Why Design Thinking Business Transformation (ft. Kaustubh JBIMS alum): –

why design thinking and business transformation

He teaches subjects related to Entrepreneurship, new product development, new business models. He advices students to not just focus in being the A in MBA i.e. not just be administrators, rather convert your profession to MBC i.e. Master’s in Business Creations.

He emphasizes to focus more on Intrapreneurship i.e. have ownership of corporate or sort of how you contribute in a corporate in a creative manner, what solutions you bring, what problems you address.

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Business Design- It is an extremely user centric approach to problem solving which keeps user in the center at all times from understanding the problem to defining the problem to ideating the solution for a problem. Hence, probability of solution happening goes up manifolds. Now this leads through breakthrough solutions. This curriculum is much needed for our time and age where things are so dynamic and changing continuously, we have such a dynamic environment due to which we have dynamic users and hence, there are plethora of choices available so the choices of users change in a snap! To stay relevant and accurate, this curriculum is vital.

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A very crucial attribute that this course demands is having Empathy in individuals and problem solving attitude. Sir teaches in Welingkar business school and shares the curriculum of how he pushes students to brainstorm through solutions and find legitimate problems as well, out of a situation or case study. Students there are divided into groups and told to spend time, interact and observe specific target segment in their actual surroundings and come back with problems that they face and are unable to solve. Now this seems an easy task but, even in the plethora of solutions that are there, finding an unsolved need for the customer segment can be extremely painful and hence, business design tools come in picture here.  It provides to get into the skin of the customers or users, understand them and find unsolved problems. Then find fool proof, legitimate solutions to the same. Now, fir the next 2 months, students find solutions to the unsolved issue, work on similar prototypes, try them solutions to see if it interests the users or not.

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He urges to students who have converted calls and preparing themselves for their MBA journey, to participate in like projects and upskill in this arena.


Do not stop dreaming. The day you stop dreaming is the day you go closer to your deathbed.

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