MBA & Start-up Journey

MBA & Start-up Journey

Must do things for Entrepreneurs to be successful ft. Sanjay, Chairman JAGSOM/ BITS Pilani

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  1. Don’t put a value target to what you are going to sell. He says an entrepreneur is not for investors, he only facilitates or meets the entrepreneur’s objective. Investors will never be keen and will never drive your entrepreneurial business. Entrepreneurs gets money from investors as entrepreneurs gets returns.
  2. Measure the Impact & Vision. Always measure the impact in terms of the lives that you touched, amount of people that are getting affected positively by your initiaves or motives. For e.g. Swiggy, Zomato. They are making money by touching lives. The amount of impact they are making through their deliveries, the evaluation must be based on this and money making should nit be the parameter for evaluation. If you use money model for evaluation, you will find yourself in negative levels.
  3. Be passionate about what you want to do. It should touch you before everybody else if you want to be an entrepreneur or else you are just a business. Curate business out of a problem i.e. create solutions.
  4. Take Risks. Commonly, there are 2 risks involved in Entrepreneurship: risk of a new thing hence, no precedence and the Risk of business. It’s all about courage and passion.

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Nowadays, there are plenty mentors available to reach out to, many people now that believe in Entrepreneurship. So now there are opportunities to actually play on you front foot and hit those sixes.

  1. Take Action. Do it to make it happen. If you don’t try, you will never know what entrepreneurship is all about.


Find your seed for Entrepreneurship to nurture it into a tree. Ponder on why you took your MBA and how you are going to take it forward in your life to make an impact through it. Search your purpose and let it find you. Don’t box yourself. Realize what it is that you will contribute to the society and get to work.

All the best!

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