MBAs & MNCs Jobs- Global exposure JGBS

MBAs & MNCs Jobs- Global exposure JGBS

MBAs & MNCs Jobs- Global exposure JGBS

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Top 4 things required to get Global Exposure

  • You need to change your mindset toward the Indian education system. We still talk about equality, diversity, etc. these topics have happened in foreign already so we are way behind. Hence, we need to know about their culture as well.
  • Have the aptitude to develop scenarios that can take you globally. This is a crucial thing as it enhances your presence of mind, now this is required when in any conference you sit with delegates from France, the US, the UK, etc. there you should make sense.
  • Sense the gap between where we are Vs where others are and wherever given an opportunity do not miss out to take part in the diverse cohort.
  • How would you like to cement yourself overseas? When given such a podium to magnify your vision for good, you need to prioritize a mindset of how would you cement yourself overseas in terms of your growth as simply reaching abroad shouldn’t be the goal of your life. It is not enough to just sit and just read as per your curriculum. Instead, you need to step into their culture to have their flavor especially if you are pursuing a professional degree like MBA there. Also, this is no rocket science to network there, especially for today’s educated youth where almost everyone is on LinkedIn for you to connect professionally.
  • What companies are looking out for people who have got global flavor and what do they want? They want people with perspective, overviews, and culture, ensuring diversity, ensuring views and opinions that other people post.
  • Why do global companies choose you? Companies now need people with changed & evolved thoughts that students capture by putting themselves through such exposure.
  • How does culture impact your thought process? Build your network. Indians summarize & brief their questions but in other countries, people ask comprehensive questions citing facts, charts, etc. This should be an eye-opener. In post-academic life, make friends, network, and build on your social intelligence and that’s how perceptions evolve. It’s very important to get your thoughts and heart in alignment with the world you are getting in, in order to find your contentment there.

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Conclusion- if you get an opportunity to go abroad & acquire certifications, go ahead. It gives acceleration to your CV. You have to build your own platter by acquiring certifications & things that play a significant role in your CV.




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