MICA a magnus opum in communication

MICA a magnus opum in communication

Mudra Institute of Communications(MICA), Ahmedabad is a communication management school offers flagship course to study marketing in much more detail than most other general management courses.

MICA offers the following academic programmes:

I. Residential Programme:

1. PG Diploma Programme:
Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Communications (PGDM-C)
2. Fellow Programme
Fellow Programme in Management – Communications (FPM-C)
3. Crafting Creative Communication
Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communication (CCC)

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II. Online:

1. Advertising management and public relations
Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Advertising Management and Public Relations (PGCPAMPR) – Online
2. Market Research and Data Analytics
Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Market Research and Data Analytics (PGCPMRDA) – Online
3. Digital Marketing
Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing – Online
4. Marketing and brand management
Post Graduate Certificate Programme In Marketing & Brand Management (PGCPMBM) – Online
5. Business Management
Post Graduate Certificate programme in Business Management – Online

MICA is first of its kind institution to provide the best marketing course in India. Candidates who are looking for specialization in Marketing, then MICA would be the best bet.

“Quite Interesting!!”, What’s special in MICA?

MICA is one of the top institutes for media students.

PGDM-C is all that you wanna look for.

Kick start the career with an extremely solid platform with specializing in marketing over 2 years

Excellent permanent/visiting faculty best in the industry. MICAns are given the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs who are best in industry.

MICA has lots of courses based on Language, Culture, and Communications, Film Studies, Indian Cinema, Metaphors & Narratives, Semiotics, etc. All these lead to sensitivity and understanding among the students and is truly mind-opening.
In fact, the course kicks off with a transcreativity workshop in which you will see creativity in all its avatars – from classical music, to dance, to karate, to pottery. If it sounds like fun, it is. It’s also an incredible educational experience.

MICAns typically tend to collaborate. exceptional thinking, creative personalities mixed with sound business management training at the same time. They are pretty much sure how to define, design and deploy messages in the most competent manner possible and how to forge long term relationships.

MICAns are inculcated with a value system that is ethical and fair. Companies value these skill sets, as demonstrated by the growing list of recruiters on campus.

The companies that recruit MICAns, and the industries we operate in, respect a MICAns for his strengths. MICAns have consciously chosen to walk down the marketing path, and they totally rock at that.

Now time for the interesting section, Placements @ MICA.
MICA has maintained a 100% placement record since the past few years.

MICA has placement record in various fields like:
Marketing & Services(Reckitt Benckiser, Pillsbury General Mills, P&G, Wipro, Vodafone, etc),
Digital Marketing(Google, Amazon, Infibeam, Zomato, Hungama, etc),
Marketing Research (Nielsen, Ernst&Young, Mu Sigma, etc),
Communication and Advertising Agency (BBH, MudraGroup, Webchutney, etc)
Media (VIACOM, Star Network, BBC, UTV Network, Hindustan Times, Disney, etc) and lots more.

It’s all about MICAT to look for grab a seat @ MICA.

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