MICAT – Personal Interview Round

MICAT – Personal Interview Round

MICAT – Personal Interview Round

The process followed at MICAT is that generally after the Group Exercise round, comes the Personal Interview round. The group exercise round tests the candidate’s ability to be a team player, whether he/she is able to coordinate along with their assigned team members and produce a satisfiable result. Whereas the Personal Interview round tests the candidate’s ability in being a solo player, whether he/she can deliver the same amount of performance and enthusiasm when separated from the crowd.

Personal interviews can perhaps be called surveys, as in the interviewer is surveying your capabilities and skills in order to get an idea of whether or not you are a proper fit for the organization.

How do you prepare for MICA’s GE-PI process?

MICAT exams are crafted in a way to be a comprehensive test in which your analytical, logical, verbal, written, creative, general awareness about the social and industrial issues are tested. You need to be keen on the industry related issues covering topics such as marketing, advertising, business, and media.

MICA expects the candidate to be an individual with a flair of innovation, a mind with an analytical bend and a master of intelligence. A candidate can be awarded extra plus points if they’re in the habit of reading books & newspapers, also creative writing is also very much appreciated by the MICA’ns.

You can check out some of MICA’s Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Before giving your personal interview, some points are to be noted:

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), read and write it carefully, questions can be asked based on that too.
  • Be confident and precise on the answer you’re giving. Remember to always cut to the point and answer clearly. The interviewers want a piece of your thought, so make sure you don’t beat around the bush.
  • Show your creativity and love for MICA, creative written works such as novels, stories, poems, scripts for shows are all good display of your thought and creativity, make sure those are your original thought and not a copy of someone else’s work.
  • Make sure you are properly aware of your strength and weaknesses, try to create a narrative where you can display your strength and weaknesses through a story.
  • Research about MICA, up-down, left-right. One of the questions that they can ask you is why do you want to join MICA, make sure you’re on the tip of your toes to answer this one and let them know that you want to walk in through the doors of MICA at any cost.

The more you prepare, the more confident you would get, CATKing provides training for courses such as the MICA GE-PI which you can check by clicking on the link.

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