MICAT Data Interpretation

MICAT Data Interpretation

Importance of  MICAT Data Interpretation?

Data Interpretation section is included in almost all entrance examinations (CAT/XAT/MICAT etc) of B-Schools. This is because this section has the closest resemblance to the kind of problems that one has to deal with as a Manager/CEO.

This section is considered to be a very scoring section. It consists of exactly what this name state. Since in this session you need to interpret and derive all the data given.

This blog contains information about MICAT data interpretation.

What question to select for Data Interpretation?

Most data Interpretation queries can include a bunch of statistics, numbers; diagrams that may look alarming (to baffle you) however are literally not in the slightest degree troublesome to resolve. In reality, the trend has been: the scarier a DI set/case appearance, the simpler it’s to resolve. Therefore before you lose heart; go on to an easier-looking set/case, scan that alarming set; the list of queries in it. There’ll be a minimum of few “sitters” (questions that may be simply answered).


This blog contains information about MICAT data interpretation.

What are the different types of Data Interpretation Questions?

Once you start solving the Data Interpretation questions you’ll notice there are various types or formats of questions in this section. Following are a different type of DI questions-:

  • Bar Charts
  • Tables
  • Pie Charts etc

Another type of question is where you will get a long paragraph in which information will be given then based on that you need to solve the question.

This blog contains information about MICAT data interpretation.

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The practice is the Key

The last but the most important piece of advice will be to do a copious amount of practice will help you in two ways:

  • Your speed will increase considerably.
  • You would have attempted all kinds of DI questions any number of times.
  • You will end up attempting more questions correctly, thus increasing your score.
  • Your confidence will increase considerably.
  • You have to practice a lot.
  • This will help you face tough questions with determination.
This blog contains information about MICAT data interpretation.

Some Tips and Tricks for Data Interpretation :-

1. Always keep in your Mind that in the circular Graph or Charts 100% =360 Degree .

2. Be clear with the concepts and formula of Percentage ,Average and Ratio.

3. When you start solving keep in mind that which type of graph is being used in the question this will help you to get the correct answer.

4. The concept of DI is based on Calculation so if you want to be excel in DI avoid using calculator at home while solving DI questions. One who can calculate fast and accurate even Large numbers without calculator is 50% ready for this test.

5. No need to be confused and don’t try and solve all the questions just focus on questions that you are more familiar and comfortable solving.

6. Try to solve all types of Questions while practicing this will eliminate the factor of confusion at the time of examination.

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