Potty profile & CAT- how to improve Profile

Potty profile & CAT- how to improve Profile

Potty profile & CAT- how to improve Profile

Improving your Profile

So when it comes to profile building, unfortunately, students are not that aware as to how to curate their profile according to their interests. They often are seen following the trail of previous students that have been through their path earlier. The new era of students is smart, they now care about exploring other options, unconventional in nature. The paramount parameter to consider while building a profile that is correct for you should be to take up things or responsibilities that allows you to work hard and have fun as well.

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Profile building while in college

You can work on building your profile even in your respective b school too. Profile building is a long-term process that needs improvement as long as your career is there. While in college, do a lot of corporate case study competitions. Go out there and explore such opportunities or whatever interests you to take part in. It actually helps you to learn how to solve real-life problems. It also teaches you things more than what is mentioned in your textbooks. In these competitions, you win a lot of money as well so it will help you pay back your fees or manage your expenses.

Make your Team

Gathering and making a strong team of people from different streams helps with more diversity in perspectives which will enhance your stance in any competition in college or assignments and build a network for you. Preferably, find people in your team of CA, Engineer, some another stream like NIFT, medical, mass communication, etc. for better networking.


Acing Profile Building

  • Profile building consists of Academics, Co-curricular activities, and Extracurricular Activities.
  • Take up best certification platforms like Engage7x.
  • Try taking certifications based on your interest, hobby, welfare service communities, etc. where active learning is involved.
  • You do not need to focus on doing extraordinary extra-curricular activities which compromise your preparation, though basic activities like trekking, workout, gym, creativity, art, etc. can also be mentioned. The panelists only want to observe an individual’s learning ability through these.
  • National recognitions are definitely to be mentioned if any.
  • Graduating students who do not have outstanding academic records in their 10th & 12th are suggested to consider their Graduation marks very seriously and ace them.

Multiple Components to the Profile

  • Experience- A profile states if you have got some experience of responsibility in any arena be it academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, or professionally.
  • Academic track record- Your 10th, 12th, and Graduation marks are evaluated.
  • Initiatives- This checks if you have taken any initiative beyond exams e.g. Competitions, coordinated or managed events, etc.
  • Significance- It is significantly more important than your test scores in some colleges after you are shortlisted in the interview phase.
  • Relevancy of working in NGOs- The relevance of working in non-profit organizations and NGOs here is there provided one has demonstrated one’s ability to manage, lead, teamwork, etc. It is a great opportunity in dealing with real-world challenges.
  • Challenges- there are challenges in working in NGOs and management is all about dealing with Constraints and since it is not for profit so constraints are naturally more than usual here as there is a lack of funding. This requires sheer drive, passion, willingness, and empathy with EQ and IQ and altruistic nature to transform yourself personally.


Factors considered in Profile building

  • Academics- This includes your marks in 10th, 12th & under graduation level. Improve this whenever you can.
  • Co-curricular– This will have weightage after your exam qualification.
  • Extra-Curricular– This will have weightage after your competitive exam qualification & includes activities done apart from your college or school curriculum.
  • Gender Diversity– This unsaid quota more commonly includes the women’s quota. There is a ballpark estimate of all the corporate institutions and organizations to have a 50% quota of women’s presence as women bring a different perspective.
  • Academic Diversity– There are different categories on this point here. The first one lies in Engineers, Non-Engineers (20-25% fixed), Weird category (doctor, law, vet, etc.), and GMAT category (valid in India & Abroad).


How to improve Profile

  • Improve your English & communication skills.
  • Do something on Analytics.
  • Learn some coding language as the biggest recruiter with the highest package is from techno companies, so they are scalable here. At least know the basics.
  • Learn a foreign language.
  • Learn Skills. The new saying says Jack of all Trades & master of all trades.



It is all in the belief. Understand and accept that you have what it takes but it is going to take everything that you have got. It is going to be hard but don’t give up. You have to run on your fuels. Trust the process, you won’t get everything immediately just know you’re going to make it in the end.


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