The Tale of F-Day : Sakshi Padwal


Hustle, bustle; Rush to access control;

Mentor, guide and much more to explore…

Configuration, dress code; interns all around,

This was not just another day in my life’s round.

The first day of internship, is a morning beginning with a checklist of the do’s and do not’s for the day; an afternoon taking one on the path of meetings and networking, and an evening which ends with a feeling of hope, is truly an experience in itself. On interning with a major IT firm, it was a prerequisite to be on the toes, updated and learned.

Finding the right gate to enter the organisation, I felt accomplished; I walked in with a hope to seek opportunities to grow ahead. My meeting with the HR manager and the guide was fixed, I reported 10 minutes prior to the meeting time and waited in the lounge, looking at the talented employees around. I brushed up my pre-reads; checked for my dress again; rechecked if I was carrying the right documents and while I breathed a sigh of relief, the HR manager escorted me to the meeting room. “Congratulations, you are amongst the top 150 students hired by us, from a pool of 5000 candidates,” before I could thank them, my mentor questioned me about the trends in IT… Well prepared, I started my fit-knit study of facts, from augmented reality to cognitive intelligence to shielding against disruption, while bounding to the nitty – gritty of moral and ethical conduct.  The impressed HR spoke to me about my interests and the kind of contribution I wished to make to the growth of the organisation. The only thought that ran through my mind then, was how I could make it large.

We discussed on parameters ranging from a qualitative study to a benchmarking study and funnelled down to doing both as a deliverable of the scope of the project. My guide, with a sceptical attitude questioned me, “But you are not an engineer?” “But I’m an MBA student,” was all the assurance he needed. Indeed, the first lesson was learnt, to make someone believe that you can do it, is to ensure to pledge to them that you possess the ability to do it.

The scope was ready, outlook was configured, the ODC access was undertaken, then what was left I wondered. The most important aspect of the internship is to make the surroundings around you aware that you are differently present, to then amalgamate and evolve as the seventh Thinking Hat of the team. Yes, I went around and introduced myself to the team members. Little did I know, they were expecting me and readily accepted me as one of the teammates.

The team immediately sent their resources and reading materials to help the flow of my project get its direction. The day was ending, but my confidence was rising to make the most of this internship. My belief that I was the right choice made by them was strengthening each time that I explored the newness of the day.

It was evening; I went for tea, as a confident intern I spoke to the fellow interns who seemed clueless and tensed. We gelled well over the cup of tea such that by the end of the last sip, we had a WhatsApp group ready. Truly, it was a complete day in itself. The evening so ended and we headed back home, a flock of interns waiting to fly high…

Thus, the first day at internship is that hot iron which when stroked can mould it into a successful artefact. It indeed is the way one faces the challenges that creates an impression on the observers around.

The quote rightly says, “The expert in something was once a beginner,” the internship truly gives one that opportunity to be a beginner.


Sakshi Mahesh Padwal