Things to do before joining a B-school

Things to do before joining a B-school

Things to do before joining a B-school: –

The director of the PGPM program Dr. Venkatesh Umashankar at Great Lakes, Gurgaon, shares what the ideal picture of a b-school should be for a potential candidate and how the relationship should continue to be in the long run. He has busted many myths that a student bounds to have with the advertisement and bubble of impression that colleges make in the minds of these students.

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  • Which b-school to join. The confusion regarding which b-school to join after taking up your interested exams is real with the plethora of colleges and numerous promises of rankings, accreditation, and placements, a student is bound to get confused. It keeps people running in different directions, they remain in a helter-skelter before settlement by keeping themselves in loops throughout.
  • First of all, look for Mandatory Disclosure. Now to recognize which disclosure is mandatory-you need to bust your own myth regarding a good b-school. To start with, think beyond placements. Yes, placements are not the acme of any A-lister b-school, especially the information that is available online may not be as authentic so do your research carefully before believing anything online. How? You need to check how the results provided are sourced and the interpretation of the results too. Understand the process of each college to understand their interpretation. All AICTE colleges demand to show their mandatory disclosure on the landing page and this cannot be played with as the information I audited by the auditor of AICTE himself. This reveals the skeleton of the institution including its Mission, Vision, faculty, role, qualifications, courses, research, publication, experience, etc. It reveals the entire work of the institution. Hence, don’t blindly run behind outcomes, verify them mindfully.

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  • Think beyond Accreditation. The improvised concern of every student joining any b-school should be How the institution will affect you as a student. Also, how does it matter in the life of the applicant when he/she will become a student. The anticipant, pedigree, and experience of faculty members will drive the b-school. There is a connection that starts from the profession and then the circle of trust generates. Now, this should be the ideal expected outcome from your b-school, everything else is negligible.

Conclusion The relationship between your b-school and student must be mutual in giving and take. Always, don’t just ask your institution what it will do for you but also, ask yourself what you will do with such education, platform, and opportunities.

Remember, if your glass is empty then no one can be trusted by you, so be confident and believe in yourself. Trust that you can do amazing stuff, make your institution proud of you, and have your clarity in life. The pedigree is not the guarantee for everything in life but the fact that no matter what, either you find your way through life or make one, no matter what.


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