Top Colleges for MS in Communication and Mass Media Worldwide

Top Colleges for MS in Communication and Mass Media Worldwide


Top Colleges for MS in Communication and Mass Media Worldwide

Did you ever think, how life would be without movies music or even news? For instance, we are digitally connected with the media. However, on hearing the term media, often journalism and new channels come to our mind. Little to be realized that the term actually covers a vast area and these are just a few terms that fall under the term.

Media includes dance, news, cooking, singing, and various other channels on YouTube. In addition. it covers Netflix Amazon prime and Spotify that relieves your entertainment buds. In conclusion, the media is everywhere, be it news, music, movies, or even social media.

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Even though it being such a vast community do you know what is the single goal of the media is? It is none other than communication, yes you read that right! Consistent communication is the key to success in every domain. For instance how else would we keep a count of the total covid cases both active and passive till now?

The media is a gigantic industry the scope and opportunities know no boundaries. Be it the entertainment industry, marketing industry, or even the finance industry, pursuing a communications and media studies major will always open a slew of career opportunities for you.

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If you are worried about your age warrior not you can start your course in media studies at any point in time. Although the competition is quite a height in this particular field. Given the glamorous career opportunities. You may opt for a master’s in media communication or mass media. Both of them will provide you with several tempting career opportunities. Most of the students shift to broadcasting, journalism, politics, and social services. So, if this particular field enthralls you, continue reading!


List of top Colleges for MS in Communication and Media Studies Worldwide:

1) University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Global Rank: #1
This highly esteemed University is ranked number 1. Its one-year flagship masters program in design culture, film studies, new media, television, and cross-media culture are something they are highly pre-eminent for. In addition, they offer a specialized dual degree in research masters in media studies in English.

Tuition Cost: $ 15,000/Year


2) University of Southern California, USA

Global rank: #2
the node USA offers more than 10 graduate degree programs in the field of communication journalism public relations and diplomacy. Most of the Renowned ones are as follows:

1) MS in Communication Data Science.
2)MA in Public Relations and Advertising
3) MCG in Communication Management
4) MA/MS in Specialized Journalism
5) MS in Digital Social Media

They have open applications for their MA in global communications and MSC in global media programs.


3) The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Global rank: #3
It is no secret that LSE is literally the best college in the UK and in addition, is globally recognized for its credibility in media degrees. Meanwhile, for specializations in media and communications, they offer a total of 13 graduate programs. Some of them are as follows:

1) MSc Media and Communications.

2) MSc Gender, Media and Culture

3) MSc Media and Communication Governance

4) MSc strategic Communications

Tuition Cost: $30,000/Year


4) Stanford University, USA

Global Rank: #4
The college is popularly known for its three flagship programs. In other words, Ph.D. or joint Ph.D., Masters, and Coterminal. However, the latter is for undergraduate students whose father has a plan of applying for a Masters’s in media studies or journalism.


5) The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Global rank: #5
There are three major tribes that the University of Texas offers. In other words, Professional, Hybrid, Research, and Theory Journalism. The courses range from visual journalism, media law to business and innovation. Moreover, TA-ships and Fellowships are something that all enrolled students are eligible for.

Tuition Cost: $ 20,000/Year
The application deadline for Fall 2021 is on 1st December.

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6) Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Global Rank: #17
With the tender digitalization media and communication space need to keep up too. Therefore this is the concept behind QUT’s Master’s program in digital communication.

Duration: 2 years/FT or 4 Years/PT
Tuition Cost: $20,800/Year

7) University of Zurich, Switzerland

Global Rank: #18
The flagship program from the University of Zurich focuses on four key areas. That is to say, strategic communication internet, and society news and entertainment political communication. In addition, the mode of conduct is in German and English language together for the ease of its students.

Tuition Cost: $1600/Year


8) Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

Global rank: #25
Known for its highly Renault and dynamic education review, it is one of the leading institutes of Germany. Moreover, its flagship program offers an MSc in Media, Digital technologies, and Management.



9) McGill University, Canada


Global Rank: #42
McDowell University is one of the best universities in Canada and internationally renowned with over 23% of students coming from different countries of the world. In addition, it offers MA and Ph.D. degrees in communication studies. However, the application deadline is on 15th January 2021.


Hope you have your favorite institution shortlisted in your mind! Above all, good luck with your future endeavors!

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