TSCFM – MBA Program

TSCFM – MBA Program

TSCFM – MBA Program

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM) – 2 years full time MBA program from UK University is focused on providing students education developed around global curriculum with practical based approach.

TSCFM offers two MBA programs – MBA for Executives and MBA from UK University, which we’ll get into later. 


The curriculum, no matter which program you choose, provides you an understanding of the real world, make an impact and help you to think in possibilities to change the future. 

TSCFM was ranked #3 among Indian Business Schools for Global MBAs by Outlook Magazine for its unique & innovative teaching methodology. 

About MBA from UK University

TSCFM is in association with Anglia Ruskin University which ranks 5th in the UK country for employment and further study and ranks among top 350 institutions in the world. 

TSCFM’s association with the top ranked University helps students educate through innovative teaching patterns and methodology used in UK. This helps make students learn in a different manner and enhances their intellectual capacity.

So, if we think about it deeply, why spend a fortune to study abroad when you get the education that teaches you how to make a fortune and get you the same degree at a lesser price? 

As much as getting a degree from a top ranked university is important, they believe in making the students employable for future in various fields and the specialization they are interested in and help them lead a successful and happy life.

MBA admission process

TSCFM has a simple yet rigorous admission process when it comes to selecting an MBA student. 

To get admission in MBA from UK University,

  • The candidate must be a graduate from a recognized board of education
  • Clear Personal Interview Round

The highlight of the admission process is, our GLOBAL as well as Executive MBA program doesn’t have entrance exam criteria. 

MBA Qualifications:

So, it is said, “Achievements are what makes people trust a person to complete the given job in career or life.

Thadomal Shahani Centre For management gives 3 qualifications in 2 years plus they carry out assessments for the MBA students which brings out their strengths and weaknesses, and also push their limit of working on assignments and presentations to think critically and design solutions. 

Students from different walks of life want to study MBA and most manage to but few are not able to, due to the financial crisis. THe institute’s goal is to educate as many students as possible and help them in getting the best global education – here in India. That’s why they have a range of student education loan options & scholarships for deserving students.

TSCFM’s MBA program is built around creating or moulding students’ thinking pattern to growth mindset, fuelling the drive to achieve their dreams and building interpersonal as well as management skills to help them succeed in career and life.  

Are you ready for building a Global Career? Apply now to TSCFM’s Global MBA Program! 

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