TSCFM student’s life on campus

TSCFM student’s life on campus

TSCFM – A student’s life on campus

Campus life at Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management is packed with students’ activities to bring in enrichment and enjoyment for all the students who takes admissions in the institution. They  balance the key to enhance learning of their students in academics role as well as keep them engaged in activities to yield them not only as better students but the human beings who will forge a brighter future.

The full time MBA program students are a part of various extracurricular activities along with various live projects and assignments.

Student Organizations

An organisation is created and run by the students and is sponsored by the dean or the head of the department.

The students’ organisation can think of ideas to hold up a particular event or activity and get approval from the superior.

TSCFM gives the current students organization a responsibility to hold the annual college fest every year which teaches them leadership, teamwork, hard-work, event organisation and brings growth in them. 

Actionable Learning

TSCFM institution believes in practical learning since they took on the journey of establishing their Global MBA program. The learning structure is innovative and thought-provoking which teaches students tactics and strategy to implement in real life.

They have a unique way of teaching their students. With the help of very own Responsive Learning System they make sure – 

  • ask.BENCHMARKS – 

We have worked with employers to understand the specific attitudes, skills and knowledge (ASK) needed to perform well in management roles in various industry sectors. Our ask.BENCHMARKS measures you on these parameters and shows you what you need to develop to get the career of your dreams.

These parameters are:

  • Professional Work Ethic (Attitude)
  • Self-Starter Ability (Attitude)
  • Team working Ability (Attitude)
  • Written & Oral Communication (Skills),
  • Problem Solving Ability (Skills)
  • Industry Domain Knowledge (Knowledge)


  • The student to Career Goal Alignment –

TSCFM’s counsellors sit with you to understand your career goals, and then together create a personal career roadmap that guides you towards developing the required qualities for your desired job.

  • Practical learning to develop ASK – Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge

Along with measuring your attitudes, skills & knowledge; the institute’s Responsive Learning System helps you build them further through a fun and challenging process. All the faculty have worked in industry & coach students instead of just giving boring lectures. Our classroom sessions combine online content via their  ask.CAREERS smartphone app with offline workshops, simulations and live projects.

Unlike many other institutions, TSCFM does not place you in whatever company is most convenient. They understand your needs & strengths, based on the ask.BENCHMARKS system and match you to the job that is most suited to you. This ensures that you are successful over the long term as you are working in a role that you enjoy and which suits your strengths.

Student Activities

TSCFM’s MBA students have activities and events around the campus to provide them with opportunities to grow and learn altogether.

Ranging from sports activities, physical strengthening such as martial arts to brain challenging games held by the faculties. This makes them think on their feet through such games and then makes them think to apply practically and logically in real life.

Students life at TSCFM gives them networking opportunities with the guest lectures conducted from the experts and trainers from various fields, industrial visits and participation in inter-college fests. 

Other fun activities conducted at the institution is celebration of various festivals, participation in convocation ceremony for the seniors as well as fun workshops and motivational sessions. 

Life at TSCFM is diverse, cultural and dynamic which brings all students and professors altogether to make change in the world and step right foot forward to create a better future. 

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