Ukraine Russia Conflict – Part 2

Ukraine Russia Conflict – Part 2

Ukraine Russia Conflict – Is War Inevitable?

Nov 21’ – Dec 21’ – How it started?

Russia requests to withdraw a 2008 guarantee to Ukraine that the nation will one day become a member were rebuffed by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in December last year.

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Jan 22’ – What did Putin do?

Russian troops began arriving in ex-Soviet Belarus for military training on January 17. At the time, he stated that the drills were intended to ‘thwart foreign aggression .” Washington announced an additional $200 million in security help to Kyiv two days later.

2nd Feb 22’ – USA comes into play

On February 2, the US moved 3000 troops to Eastern Europe to bolster NATO forces. On February 10, Russia and Belarus began a 10-day military drill.

19th Feb 22’ – Ukraine prepares for War

On Feb 19, Ukraine announced that two of its soldiers had been killed in frontline clashes with separatists backed by Russia.

22nd Feb 22’ – Condemnations and Sanctions

Putin acknowledged the independence of two rebel districts in Eastern Ukraine in a televised address on Feb 22.

24th Feb 22’ – War Is It?

In an unexpected broadcast address on Thursday (February 24), Putin announced a military intervention in Ukraine. He urged Ukrainian forces to lay down their weapons, arguing that he wanted the former Soviet state “demilitarized” but not occupied.

Russia’s Views?

  • NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), a coalition of 30 countries that includes the United States, The United Kingdom, France and Germany, is at the center of the current situation between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Ukraine aspires to join this alliance, which includes the United States, Russia’s arch-rival.
  • NATO is also considering making Ukraine a member, which has enraged Moscow.
  • Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO because it will expand the alliance’s footprint to its border.
  • Another important factor is that a NATO member country will be eligible for collective NATO support in the event of an external assault.

What is Ukraine’s views?

  • Ukraine is not yet a NATO member, but it aspires to join. It has stated unequivocally that it will apply to join the EU in 2024.
  • It must eliminate corruption and internal divisions in the region before being considered for NATO membership. The current president of Ukraine was elected on promises of Donbas peace, anti-corruption and economic regeneration.
  • Russian requests to withdraw a 2008 guarantee to Ukraine that the Nation will one day become a member were rebuffed by NATO Secretary – General Jens Stoltenberg in December last year.
  • He also stated that Russia would not be able to oppose Ukraine’s entrance when the time came.

              How it started?

  • On Thursday (February 24), Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military action against Ukraine.
  • Movement of the troops: The US reports extraordinary Russian force movements near the Ukrainian border on November 10, 2021.
  • Moscow demands the following: On December 7 , US President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that if he invaded Ukraine, he would face “severe economic and other actions”
  • Ten days later, Moscow proposed measures to limit US and NATO dominance over former Soviet republics.


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