Vocabulary for CAT Bank PO GRE GMAT

Vocabulary for CAT Bank PO GRE GMAT

 Important Vocabulary for CAT/ Bank PO/ GRE/ GMAT

Most important vocabulary for CAT/GMAT/BANK PO etc. competitive exams are provided below in written format, however, if you want to get a video format, it is provided below:

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  1. Exponent – Notation of how many times you multiply
  2. Expurgate – To omit or edit by omitting
  3. Fallow – Left unplowed
  4. Fanatical – marked by excessive enthusiasm; Synonyms – Jingoism, Patriotic
  5. Fatuous – devoid of Intelligence; Dumb  [Synonyms – Ninny, Nincompoop]
  6. Fawn – a young deer
  7. Fecund – Capable of producing offspring or vegetation
  8. Fervid – Characterized by intense emotions
  9. Fetid – Offensively malodorous
  10. Flag – a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design
  11. Florid – elaborately or excessively ornamented
  12. Foment – try to stir up
  13. Ford – cross a river where it’s shallow
  14. Forestall – Keep from happening or arising, to stop
  15. Fortuitous – occurring by happy chance, fruitful
  16. Fractious – easily irritated or annoyed
  17. Frenetic – excessively agitated
  18. Frugality – prudence in avoiding waste
  19. Fastidious – difficult to please; Synonyms – squeamish; fussy; finicky
  20. Febrile – feverish
  21. Felon – person convicted of a grave crime. E.g. Murderer



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