What is a good cat score

What is a good cat score

If you are preparing to give the competitive Common Admission Test (CAT) or you have already given CAT, you may be wondering what is a good CAT score.

The CAT score is mainly used by the 20 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

Apart from admission to the 20 IIMS, the CAT scores are used to many b-schools across the country. Each Business School or B-school has its own cut-offs and admission procedure. In more concrete terms, the score will vary from person to person, precisely because not everyone wants to attend the same school.

By scoring above 120 will place you in 90th percentile, or with a score better than 90% of test-takers.

The 20 IIMS weight the importance of the CAT differently. Some make it one of the most important admissions factors, while some considering it less important. They have different CAT cut-off scores. The most competitive schools will usually accept candidates scoring in the 99th percentile or higher. Second-tier schools may take applicants will need to score scoring in the 70th percentile or even lower, with mitigating factors. Scores above the 95 percentile are considered very competitive, while scores in the 99 percentile are outstanding.

It is known that IIMs prefer a relatively even score across all three sections.

A student may need to answer between 55 and 60 questions correctly to score in the 99 percentile which would be an overall score of between 165 and 180.

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By section, that would break down to answering between 28-30 questions in Verbal and Reading Comprehension and answering 80% of them correctly. In Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, this would mean answering between 24 and 26 questions at 90% accuracy. Finally, in Quantitative Ability, this would break down to around 32 questions at 90% accuracy.


IIM Minimum Cut-offs 95% 99%
Composite Score Will Vary by each B School 140+ 150-170+
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Questions 17-18 at 80% accuracy 23-24 at 80% accuracy 28-30 at 80% accuracy
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Questions 10-11 at 90% accuracy 16-17 at 90% accuracy 24-26 at 90% accuracy
Quantitative Ability Questions Attempted 14-15 at 85% accuracy


19-20 at 85% accuracy 32 at 90% accuracy


To perform your best and to score a great percentile, a student need to prepare well. Set s target cat score that you desire and work hard towards it. You can’t control how other test takers perform but you can definitely control your own. So, work hard, practice well and reach your target CAT score.

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