When To Start Preparing For CAT


When To Start Preparing For CAT

When To Start Preparing For CAT?

Unlike other competitive examinations, the cat does not require extensive hard work for years. the CAT exam preparation can be started 6 months prior to the exam. The preparation generally required 3 to 4 hours daily studying. CAT is more about smart work rather than hard work. You need to consistently study for 6 months to achieve your targets. But some students also join the coaching institutes a year before the examination.  Joining the institutes gives them the consistency that is required for cracking cat. Also, a good coaching institute helps you schedule the preparation in a structured manner which makes it easier to study. Generally, the CAT exam is held in the month of November towards the end or in the month of December towards the start. So, the right time to begin the preparation will be around March. For people who have extra time can start the preparation from January.

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The CAT paper consists of three sections verbal, analysis logical, reasoning and quantitative analysis. Every student has a weak and strong section. At the start of your preparation, you need to recognize your weak section and start paying more attention to it. The examination is structured in such a way that all the sections hold equal importance. So, you cannot skip any section even if it is your weak point.

You can start preparing for CAT on your own, or you can join a coaching institute, or you can also go for correspondence courses. Either way, you should have a mentor to guide you for the preparation. You can refer to the CATKing online courses if you want a correspondence course or you want to prepare on your own. You can also join our classroom courses at Andheri, Borivali, Powai, Mira Road, and Pune. We also organize a lot of free workshops to mentor our students. You can register at one of our centers and attend it to get clear guidance. We also have a special service for our students who are not able to attend the workshop. You can register at our ‘Mentor on Call’ portal and an expert from our side will give you a call back to solve your problems.

To crack the CAT exam, you first need to clear your basics. Basics are a very important element of the preparation for the exam. After the basic concept is clear you have to start attempting mocks. Each mock should be analyzed properly giving proper attention to your strong and weak areas. Apart from this, you should also take sectional tests to build upon the topics individually. The first two-three months of the preparation should focus on concept building and the latter half of the preparation should focus on revision and assessment.

The CAT examination is a 3-hour online test where you are not allowed to decide the sequence of the sections. You can also not scroll between the sections which means that you can only attend the next section after you have attempted the first section. To adapt to this pattern, you should make sure you practice mock tests before-hand.

Lastly, the CAT exam is not so difficult. It just requires the right kind of effort in a structured manner. Don’t overthink before starting your preparation. Just stay confident and go for it!


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