Why do students score low in Quants?

Why do students score low in Quants?

Quant is another important section in CAT with 34 questions out of 100. In this article, we will help you with 5 most important tips that will help a CAT aspirant to score good marks in Quants section of CAT exam. These 5 important pointers are those which students generally don’t realize when they are preparing for Quants section. Let’s have a look on it.

  1. Let’s begin with Vedic Maths:

Vedic maths should be the first step towards the quants preparation. Vedic Maths helps to speed up the calculation and gives tricks and shortcuts for calculation. A topic like Arithmetic will become easier for students if they are aware of Vedic Maths.Students can test their basic skills when they give CAT Mock Exam.

  1. PAR Strategy:

PAR stands for Percentage, Average, and Ratios are the pillars of all the topics. Every topic in Quantitative ability is based on PAR topics, be it number system, algebra or geometry. Hence, a student needs to focus on PAR topics to excel in this section. After practicing Vedic maths the next step should be building accuracy in PAR topics using calculation tricks. Using these tips will not only help to solve the questions using tricks but it will consume less time so that a student will be able to give more time on difficult questions.

  1. Know the Basics:

Unlike Verbal, quants have 15 different topics which come under the syllabus CAT exam.

It is important to know the basics and fundamentals of all the quants topics. So if there is any easy question in the exam, students will be able to solve even if it is not from the topic which is strong. Hence, don’t just focus on strengths but also know the basics of those topics on which you are not very great.

  1. Eliminate the options:

Out of 4 answer options in the CAT exam, using the Vedic maths tricks and PAR topics basic a student will be able to eliminate at least 2 options in 5 to 6 questions in the exam. This practice should be maintained by the students daily even in the CAT Mock Test. And approach to solve quants questions should be reading the question, eliminating options, and then solving to get the final answer from the left answer choices.

  1. Solve the CAT Mock with Timer:

Since the CAT exam is going to be a computer based exam, it is very important to study in the same time frame and practice regularly in that time limit. For this student should start with practicing small test and then move to full length CAT Mocks. Any students who want to target 99+ percentile must give at least 15 to 20 mock tests of the same level questions. Moreover, analyzing mock is also important to track your progress and accuracy while solving the questions in that time frame.

One of the most important rule that every CAT aspirant should follow is to give CAT Mocks daily.

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