Is it worth preparing for CAT examination?

Is it worth preparing for CAT examination?

It is your personal choice whether you want to pursue MBA or not! Generally, people appear for CAT just to give a boost to their careers. There are many people who may not be satisfied with their current jobs. Shining in CAT means a ticket to good colleges and great job placements in India.

Also, if you are jobless, then giving CAT may be the smartest thing to do. It is essential to get good scores as merely giving the Common Admission Test won’t be sufficient.  Getting good scores won’t guarantee you a seat into an IIM, but you might get admitted into a reputed b-school. If you are prepared for the Common Admission Test, then GRE, CET & GMAT will be a piece of cake for you.

What if you are happy with your career?  

Many of us tend to do an MBA because everyone else is doing the same. We also want to follow the bandwagon. Well, there nothing wrong with it. But, if you are enjoying your current job, then there is no need to pursue an MBA. However, there is no doubt that masters in business administration will give you an edge over others.

You may want to be an entrepreneur & so, start your own business. If you succeed, then great! Or else you can attend a b-school where you will be able to relate to the syllabus better.

Pros of acing CAT-

  1. Better vocational growth
    If you have done a Masters in Business Administration degree, then you have better chances of becoming a CEO, CTO, etc. compared to a graduate. This is chiefly because an MBA graduate commences his career from the management level, whereas a plain graduate begins from much lower level in the corporate ladder.
  1. Greater view of corporate world
    Apart from gaining knowledge, a good masters program also aids you develop crisis solving plans. It assists you in learning the various activities within an organization and makes you more adept to changes in the corporate world.
  1. Well paid packages
    There is no doubt that people from top B-schools get better pay packages. Even at times of economic slowdown, the top B-schools have maintained the practice of good salary packages over the years.


I hope this solves your dilemma of preparing for the Common Admission Test!

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