Yash Parikh – Welingkar

Yash Parikh – Welingkar

Yash Parikh is pursuing his MBA in E-Business (Marketing) at Welingkar Institute of Management Studies. He has always been passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Graduated in 2015, Yash was always a curious person, who wanted to explore new things. That’s what probably led him to become a GNIIT & later an MBA student after completion of his graduation in 2015. You would not find such diverse experience in all but Yash is an exception. He has been associated with brands such as Microsoft (7 months internship) and Thomas Cook (2 months internship).

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In the last 5 years, he made sure his curiosity is used to develop strong skills in the domains of his interest. The same passion has earned him a good amount of appreciation on renowned platforms like Linkedin and also from many of his managers, with whom he interned.

Recently, he is working Elysium which is an AI  (Artificial Intelligence) project for Welingkar Institute of Mangement Studies, Bangalore.  Elysium is a chatbot which is active on Facebook Messanger, it is currently in an initial phase of development.

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All this started when his professor (faculty of  Cognitive Computing); in one of the lectures assigned the students task of building a working application on either IoT (Internet of Things) or AI (Artificial Intelligence) or present on the same subjects. Given the curious nature of Yash and his passion for the subject he took the bull by its horn and started deep diving in the IoT, AI and Machine Learning.  Post that he started watching videos on how a chatbot can be created esp. if the students are non-engineers. After watching around 29+ hours of content on youtube and implementing the same; Elysium was born on 17th Sept 2017.

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Initially, he used  IBM’s Watson platform but given some technical limitations, he had to switch to some other platform. Once the bot’s phase I was ready it was submitted to Facebook for review. They examine all the bots submitted and only approve it to be live for the users if it meets their guidelines.  At first, Yash faced rejection, however,  given his strong determination he came back and improved upon his work, this time Facebook had to accept the bot into their ecosystem and make it live for the world. When he presented his work in the class; both the students and the professor loved his work.

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For many students that would have been a happy ending; however for Yash given his extra passion for perfection, it was just the beginning. He wanted to take it further and make it accessible on other platforms as well. On achieving this feat, his story was not only published on Inside IIM as a Press Release but also helped him gain appreciation on Linkedin from around the country. The college Dean and Faculty were not only proud of him but also spread the story on their networks giving him and his college the appreciation they deserve.

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Yash’s story tells us; that if we have a strong will we can achieve anything in life. Just like he created a bot even though he was a non-engineer, you can also achieve the impossible, just with your determination and hard work.

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