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10 Tips to Crack CET
April 15 2024


Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH-MBA/MMS CET) is a computer-based management entrance test. Officially referred to as MAH-MBA-CET, the exam is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education(DTE), Maharashtra, for admission to management courses like MBA/MMS in various institutes within the state of Maharashtra. it's a test of speed which contains 200 questions alleged to be answered in 150 minutes. this text will get to understand the knowledge on the way to crack MBA Cet Exam. The exam is conducted within the month of March every year, and therefore the results of an equivalent are usually declared in March end. The admission to the management courses like MBA/MMS/PGDBM/PGDM may be a centralized process and covered under the MBA CET CAP round process also referred to as the centralized Admission Process (CAP) administered by the Competent Authority of the State of Maharashtra. Competent Authority, using the standardized Equi-percentile method, equates scores across sessions

The test comprises multiple-choice objective-type questions.  Some of the top B-schools in Maharashtra that accept MAH-MBA/MMS CET scores are Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management Studies & Research, K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, and more. View the complete  list of colleges accepting MAH-CET Scores

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MAH - CET Exam Pattern

MAH-CET exam pattern: The exam consists of multiple-choice objective type questions. 

MAH - CET Exam Strategy

1. Verbal ability and reading comprehension: This section of the test paper determines the grasp a candidate has on the English language. The question paper will comprise of passage, and questions supported the passage. Through this section, a candidate’s vocabulary, grammar, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, comprehension is tested. To answer the questions, the candidate must first understand the contents of the passage, and secondly, use correct phrases, words, and expressions.
2. Quantitative aptitude: This section of the paper assesses a candidate’s ability to unravel numerical calculations with speed and accuracy. To excel during this section, the candidate must have an honest understanding of ratio and proportion, percentage, interpretation of tables, charts, and graphs.
3. Logical/abstract reasoning:  This section determines a candidate’s ability to think quickly and accurately. Candidates can expect questions on verbal reasoning or on diagrams and figures during this section.

Though the relieving part is that there is no negative marking.


1. Understand the Exam Pattern

One major difference in CET (over other MBA entrances) is that questions from different test areas are jumbled. the primary question might be from Verbal Ability and therefore the question following the primary could be from either Quantitative Aptitude or Logical Reasoning. Get clear with exam pattern for MBA CET 2022. this is often the primary step for any candidate because it rather is laid out your foundation for your CET preparation consistent with remaining tome which can be preparing for CET in 60 days or in 30 days

2. A study from good study material

Before starting any exam preparation, it's important to possess good study material. For any entrance, visiting NCERT books of grade school is necessary; likewise for CET. Candidates may search for good famous authors' books. Go for the book that covers the whole syllabus. Concept over application; actually, concept alongside application requires this. Nowadays thanks to social activeness candidates also can join social study groups on Facebook, telegram, or Whatsapp groups. You can also join our telegram groups for CET preparation.

3. Learn more shortcut tricks for all sections

Tables, squares, and cubes got to get on your tips for successful mental calculation. These are major areas of Arithmetic topic in quants. you ought to attempt to develop approximations, decimal fractions, and percentages for better performance. you'll improve your vocabulary by pertaining to newspapers and reading books; also by adhering to a dictionary regularly. you would like to find out new words, adopt the proper usage, and make sure that you've got an eye fixed for mistakes.

4. Make your study plan

Making a study plan will assist you in a study at an equivalent time during which will you've got an exam. Develop a discipline of solving questions half-hour per day. If you are doing that, you develop patience and speed to excel within the 150 minutes final test. Avoid Procrastination: Candidate must avoid delay in studying the syllabus. One must sign up to advance whether all the topics are understood. Only practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice more easily you'll be ready to solve the issues. Each attempt will help one understand something that you simply have forgotten earlier.

5. Devote Time for every section daily

Candidates must manage their time skills in such how that they attempt all questions within the time restriction. Accuracy shouldn't get impacted. Make a day-wise revision plan for every section of MAH CET. Proper revision in a previous couple of days can assist you in scoring well within the final paper.

6. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

This is one of the foremost important factors of your preparation for cracking the CET exam because it's a time-based exam knowing your strengths will assist you in saving some time and scoring high. It gets imperative to show your weaknesses into strengths and refine your strengths further within the race to succeed. Practice the subject or subtopics as a must as you'll buy timely revision.

7. Make your own strategy

Prepare a technique for every section and allot time for every section consistent with your strengths and weaknesses. Managing some time is of utmost importance if you're preparing for MAH CET MBA 2022. Candidates will need to solve 200 multiple choice questions within a time duration of 150 minutes. Make short notes for every section and thus apply your strategy in your mocks and check your areas of improvement.

8. Practice Mocks

First of all, line up of practice papers/mock tests that help build speed that's of utmost importance during this test. it's a test of speed and accuracy, and practice makes an aspirant perfect during this aforementioned test. Candidates will get a correct understanding of the actual exams as mock tests will create an ideal exam scenario or environment for them. Practice from past year  MH CET  papers within the same exam allotted time, thus it'll assist you to understand your level of preparation and can also assist you in what you've got to try to further so as to enhance your score.

9. Review your targets and mistakes

Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, it's really important to line small improvement targets and see if you're meeting those targets and thus review it. You climb a ladder, one step a time, not all directly. it's also to research your progress from time to time. Self-assessment is extremely important if a candidate is getting to score well and aim for an honest B-School within the Maharashtra state. One should even be conscious of the CET exam pattern of the previous year as I said before. It’s not limited to pre-exam preparation. You would like to follow the strategic approach even during the test. Questions are often marked to be revisited later if not answered within the first go. Doing this increases accuracy also as total attempts within the exam.

10. Stay Healthy and Motivated

Last but definitely not the smallest amount, as important as anything is sufficient rest for the body. you ought to make sure that you eat healthy during the exam season and sleep well to be fresh enough to retain also as apply. Always remember, that to bring out the simplest in you, you've got to stay motivated. To remain motivated and healthy  

  • Take breaks regularly
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Go meet your friends, socialize, go for a morning walk.
  • Stay motivated and have confidence. You will surely excel.

All the best!

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