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10 Tips to Crack XAT
April 13 2024

Tips To Crack XAT Exam

XLRI (Jamshedpur) designed Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT), every year. XAT scores apply to the admission processes of around 100+ colleges. In terms of difficulty levels, XAT is the toughest of all MBA Entrance exams. Thus one needs a proper strategy to crack it. Read the article to understand the top 10 tips to crack the XAT exam.

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What is the XAT exam?

After attempting CAT what next?XAT is an entrance test that is accepted across 100 institutes in the country apart from XLRI which conducts it every year. It is a computer-based test conducted on the first Sunday of the year. It is a computer-based exam that gets its advantage through the section that’s not common to the rest of the entrance exams: Decision Making. The national testing agency (NTA) conducts this exam. Xat is an exam of 165 minutes with a different approach to that of CAT as you can move between sections as per your choice and having an alternate section from all the other MBA exams makes it quite an unconventional exam. The method to excel in the XAT exam needs to be a little different but the essence of it is more or less the same.


Xavier Aptitude Test Verbal & Logical Ability

  • Critical Reasoning & Reading Comprehension areas comprise the majority part of this section.
  • Major weightage to reasoning skills. Wholly vocabulary-based questions may be asked.
  • This section requires a very fine and quick reading ability as well as comprehension abilities.
  • Practicing through Mock Tests is fundamental for superior performance.

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XAT Decision-Making & Analytical Reasoning

  • This forms the most important part of the XAT exam.
  • Based on multiple business and everyday situations, you should determine what the various stakeholders should do in a given situation.
  • In general, the situations are based on interesting perplexities for the parties involved, and most of the choices involve an analysis of the possible profits and losses with each course of action taken.
  • Different types of questions asked in these areas include ethical perplexities, financial issues involving sales, revenues, etc. of a company, employee management issues, and general management scenarios.
  • Focus on what kind of decisions are to be made, ensure that the choice taken is always unbiased and should not be in favor of a particular party, ethical, balanced, and from the view of all stakeholders involved. Do not lose your integrity in the entire process and do not let your personal biases rule over your judgment.

Xavier Aptitude Test Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

  • The bulk of the questions featured in this area included subjects such as Geometry, Number Systems, Functions, P&C, Probability, and Data Interpretation.
  • A strong conceptual base in the above topics, with a good application adjustment, is the key to doing well.
  • Important fields are Geometry, Number Systems, P&C, Probability, and Functions.

 XAT General Knowledge

  • In XAT, general knowledge for the prime time in the exam in 2013. Out of the 30 total questions in XAT 2013, current affairs questions were 12, and 18 were solely on static GK.
  • More importance has to be put on economics and business-related facts.
  • To be able to attempt this section carefully one needs to do the preparation of current events of the last 6 months.
  • In the static GK part, gather information on awards, books & authors, and geography.

 Xavier Aptitude Test Essay Writing

  • Keep a record of past trends, XAT essay topics have stronger conceptual dimensions.
  • The topic is normally based on a familiar phrase or an idiom with a philosophical hint within.
  • The examiner is not only looking for language skills here but is also assessing how structured thoughts are and the ability to provide logical arguments and your knowledge level.
  • Reading the editorial page of national newspapers will certainly be of great help in this section.
  • You should write sample essays and get them assessed on content and style.

Following are the Top 10 tips to crack XAT:

1) The verbal and logical ability section has since always, been majorly dominated by critical reasoning and reading comprehension. Hence, one must improve comprehension skills and quick reading, which can be done only through exercise.

2) For decision-making and analytical judgment, you just need to ensure that the choice that you are taking is fair. It should not favor one particular party which means that it needs to be ethical and balanced; keeping the viewpoint of all stakeholders involved in mind.

3) For the aforementioned section, it is also important for you to not lose objectivity in an entire manner and to not let your own biases cloud your analysis.

4) Quantitative ability and data interpretation requires what they need in any other entrance exam; a strong conceptual base and good application orientation.

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5) The environment plays an important role in XAT because the general knowledge segment is majorly based on economics and business-related facts of the prevailing time. Apart from current events from the former 6 months, it is necessary to brush up on knowledge of books, prizes, and awards. Applicants can also read magazines, newspapers, and journals while preparing for Xavier’s Aptitude Test General Knowledge section.

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6) The second additional section that XAT has, that CAT doesn’t have, is the essay writing section. Historically, XAT topics have evolved from abstract dimensions; maybe a phrase or a poem with a deep psychological implication appended to it. Read newspapers like The Hindu to become comfortable with a gamut of topics that could come for the XAT essay writing section.



7) Unlike MICAT where they examine creativity, for XAT, the ability to provide logical arguments subjugates anything else. You need to develop consistency of thoughts by reading and practicing. Thus practice and solve the previous year’s papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern

8) Speed and precision form a major part of any entrance exam that is testing your managerial abilities. Ensure both. Take mocks and sectional mocks to ensure promptness and accuracy

9) Time Management and Prioritisation are the key contributors to success. Hence, one should develop these subsequently, both while preparing and while giving the test.

10) Practice so well to figure out how much time you need to clear cutoffs of every section. Because ultimately that’s what matters.


These were some tips to crack XAt Exam. I hope you found this article useful.

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