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10 ways to crack DU-JAT!
April 21 2024

JAT is an objective type test of 100 multiple choice questions to be attempted in two hours. There are 4 sections, Quantitative Ability, Reasoning & Analytical Ability, General English and Business & General Awareness. Each correct question carries 3 marks and there is a negative marking of 1 mark for each wrong answer. Hence, the grand total of the test is 300.

Also read: Important quant topics for CAT With around 25000 people applying for mere 840 seats in this course, the competition is bound to be fierce. Here are a few tips which you should keep in mind, for your preparation, and while giving the paper:

1. Manage your time well Divide some time well most of the 4 sections whilst making ready, and then leave sufficient time to work in your hassle regions. similarly, even as attempting the paper, give the required time to each phase (relying on how hard or easy you find it).

2. Difficult questions At the same time as attempting the paper, don’t stay stuck on a tough question, move ahead if that takes place. do not forget, every question has identical weight. also, in case you are clueless approximately a solution, don’t attempt the question, when you consider that there is negative marking. however, at instances what takes place is that you may attain the proper answer, via eliminating options which you recognize are not related to the question. So, reflect on consideration on each option and its relevance, you in no way understand what clicks! Practice with actual CAT Toppers

3. Plan an exam strategy Planning the way, you attempt the questions can come in handy. This is important especially when the time is limited. You may not have to approach the question paper the way it is intended to be. The best way to plan the strategy is by learning about your strengths and weaknesses. Attempt the sections you are good at and leave the rest for later. After all, an entrance is all about playing your strengths and sailing through your weaknesses. CAT strategy by IIM student

4. General knowledge For me, this phase turned into a huge obstacle, in case you discover yourself to be in the identical quandary as me, then polish your rusty general information, read the newspaper, GK refresher magazines (they provide monthly information in a condensed way), and read the standard GK books. Recollect, current affairs are extraordinarily crucial. Also Read: GK For MBA

5. Read the questions carefully Not reading the questions carefully, in an attempt to complete the paper in a hurry is a mistake that a lot of people make. Take your time to read the questions, they are generally pretty simple. Otherwise, you end up giving the wrong answer to a ridiculously easy question.

6. Admit Card Don’t forget to get a printout of your to admit card on 10th June, and get it attested (as per the directions are given on it). Also, remember to carry it to the venue, otherwise all your hard work would go down the drain.

7. Previous years’ papers Practice the previous years’ papers, since they give you an idea of the level of the paper and the exam pattern. If you are someone who has a problem with completing the questions on time, then set a time limit for yourself when you practice.

8. Revision time Keep the last 15 minutes(approx) at the end of the examination to go through your answers once. Revising and checking your answers gives a lot of reassurance.

9. Be calm, cool and collected This paper is nothing but an aptitude test, and if you have your concepts and fundamentals clear, you don’t need any form of coaching clear. Don’t stress yourself out, that kills rational thinking, which is a must to give this paper.

10. Ace the GD To ace the GD round, keep in mind that you should have a clear head and present points that are rational. It is not required that you be the only speaker in the group- but bear in mind that whatever you say should make sense. Don’t be overly hostile towards others, in fact, be a good listener too- take a cue from what others are saying if you feel lost. On the other hand, you can steer the topics of discussion for the PI round to the topics that you are comfortable with. The interview can be about current affairs, economics, physics, or your favorite author- if you lead it in the right direction. Don’t be nervous while being interviewed.

 Get your GDPI sort with us Keep these tips in mind while applying for these courses. These worked for me, and I hope this work for you as well. Best of luck!

Anisha Mukhija

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